SAP transportation is banned in some Wisconsin cities

Madison, Wisconsin –In Wisconsin, sugar producers are banned from loading juice in the city and county.

Some villages and counties have taken great care of their law enforcement officers in the spring to enforce roadblocks and weight restrictions, making it almost impossible for those who wish to move legally to do so.

The Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association (WMSPA) is working with the Wisconsin State Legislature to identify maple juice as an agricultural product.

There is a lot left and many minds say that maple juice is a product of ag, which is no different from the dairy industry.

Legislature 262 is currently being investigated by the legislature in Madison.

This bill creates special highway weight restrictions for transporting maple juice or syrup to certain vehicles.

Under current law, a person may not operate any vehicle or combination on the highway without the permission of the Department of Transportation or the local highway authority.

Among the weight limits, there are generally restrictions on the total weight of one axle wheel or a series of shafts on the highway.

In general, the maximum weight that can be loaded with one ax on a highway is 20,000 pounds, and the maximum weight that can be loaded with two axes at a distance of eight or less feet is 35,000 pounds.

There are currently special weight restrictions on certain vehicles for transporting milk or other dairy products and products (dairy vehicles).

For milk trucks in particular, the maximum weight of an axel on the highway is 21,000 pounds, and the maximum weight that can be loaded on the highway with two axes at a distance of eight or less feet is 37,000 pounds.

Also, for a group of three or more consecutive axes of more than nine feet in a milk cart, the axes may weigh more than ፓ 2,000 on the highway, as per the general rules.

The total weight of the milk cart, however, cannot exceed 80,000 pounds. (Part 262)

WMSPA contacted our Wisconsin DOT about the matter.

Our answer is based on the amended IOH Act 93.50 (1) d from the previous Wisconsin statue in 2014, and this new definition does not include agricultural juice.

This modern definition is derived from the definition of agricultural income.

From Wisconsin Monuments, Internal Revenue Code – Title 26 Section 464, Definitions of Purpose of this Section (e) (1).

Farm – The word “farm” means to cultivate or harvest any agricultural or vegetable crop, including land, or animal husbandry, shaving, feeding, caring for, training, and handling.

For the purposes of the previous sentence, trees (except fruit trees or nuts) should not be viewed as farm or vegetable items.

Maple syrup / maple syrup is considered in terms of WI, agriculture, FSA programs CFAP2, NASS statistics, Eg land tax, and tax exemption in ag business.

WMSPA has reached out to IMSI and NAMSC on the matter and is looking at various ways to update farm definition.

WMSPA recently spoke to our new Secretary of Agriculture, Romankin, who is working with MSPA.

Each state treats maple juice differently, but we hope that this work will benefit the entire maple world and ease future loading requirements.

WMSPA recognizes that adding maple syrup to the Maple Juice Act may affect the current balance.

A.D. In 2016, WMSPA legislators proposed that the soap ship be treated as an AG product and that the legislature follow the same guidelines as when transporting milk.

WMSPA reached out to the Wisconsin Agricultural Bureau in Brown County to support the bill in its policy development.

This was supported at the county level and then the policy went to the state office of agriculture. The Bureau of Agriculture approved the policy and continued to support the account.

WMSPA continues to do this every year, contacting our senators and representatives.

In October 2017, the bill was presented to the state legislature and lost in March 2018.

In April 2019, the legislature resumed. A public hearing was held in May 2019. Members of the WMSPA and Maple Equipment Distributors traveled to Madison and spoke in support of the law.

Letters of support from WMSPA members who were unable to attend the hearing were also read. The Agriculture Committee voted 9 to 5 and no.

Then the Senate won again.

The WMSPA Legislature has twice appeared before the legislature.

So in the next round, if the bill is not passed, we will only collect the maple juice as an ag product and we will leave the maple syrup.

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