Sarah Browning Crowd- Tree tips should be purchased locally and often bought with water

Place the tree trunk in a pan of water until you bring it in for decoration, and do not allow the cover to dry. Your tree is cut down from its roots, but it is still alive; It needs water to keep the needles from drying out and the branches from falling off.

Before bringing the tree home, cut another tree under the trunk to make sure your tree has the best water absorption while in your home.

When choosing a location for the tree, use common safety precautions, such as fireplaces, televisions, radiators, and air ducts, and do not let open flames on or near the Christmas tree.

When you put the tree in, place the base of the tree in the water. Depending on the size and condition of the Christmas tree, it may take one gallon or more of water per day. Providing plenty of water keeps the tree warm and keeps the aroma fresh. If freshly cut trees are properly cared for, they can stay indoors for four or five weeks.

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There are many myths about adding water to keep your tree fresh, but research has shown that clean water is better. Commercial preservatives, aspirin, sugar, and other common home remedies are of no use.

Understand that if you allow the tree to dry out during the holiday season, it will shorten your tree life. After dehydration, water-absorbing cells quickly attach to resin and the tree’s ability to absorb water is greatly reduced. The only way to fix the problem is to cut another tree below the trunk, so make it a habit to check the tree trunk daily.


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