Sarah Browning – The fall is the best time to plant new trees

Stem growing roots

Tree: What is a growing root? When the roots grow together, they grow together, or plant themselves, 1) if the roots are both from the same tree or 2) from two different trees of the same species. However, if the root grows on or around the trunk of a tree, the trunk and roots will not grow together. In this case, the roots begin to be compressed or restricted.

Sarah Browning – Sprouts mark on oak trees

How do tree production techniques contribute to tree trunk roots? Most trees, whether seed or cut down, start in the pot. The roots of young trees grow rapidly, and if left in a small pot for too long, it is a recipe for trouble.

When a root touches the side of a soft plastic pot, it turns to the side and begins to rotate around the outside of the ball. Trees are often “damaged” from small pots to large ones in the early years, and you need to look closely to find the stem-growing roots that the trees grew in their youth.

Believe it or not, pot technology is a major concern for tree growers as it seeks to address the root causes of tree root problems.

When armed roots are pushed against the trunk of a tree, it can block the flow of water, causing the leaves to burn.

Sarah Brown, Nebraska Extension

Depth planting

Planting depths of 20 to 25 years are not commonly recognized as a major health problem for trees. But patriotic researchers now know that if the root system of the tree is deeply buried in the soil, the overall root growth will be reduced and the health of the tree will be endangered for the rest of the tree’s life. Weak root growth can be caused by a number of factors: 1) depletion of deep soil layers (trees must pull oxygen from the soil in order to grow properly), 2) insufficient moisture in deep soil layers, or 3) roots also remain. Wet in well-drained soil.


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