School Gardens, Rain Barrels, etc. – Hampton Road Teachers Can Earn $ 500 For Local Projects

Do you have an idea to include a handy environmental project in your Hampton Roads Education class?

The local organization is funding this.

Regional Environmental Education Initiative provides small grants throughout the school year for teachers and community youth programs.

The grant will provide up to $ 500 for projects related to environmental issues, including water conservation, recycling, waste management and local vegetation, the agency said in a statement.

For example, last year, sixth-graders at Bocker T. Washington Middle School in Newport News used this funding to test water quality samples from three local water lines.

In Portsmouth, high school students studied caterpillars and studied butterflies and were finally released. At Virginia Beach Elementary School students have created their own bat house and pollen garden.

Students elsewhere have used worm fertilizers to make their own food and set up community rain barrels.

AskHRGreen team leader Rebecca Steppe said in a statement that the organization hopes to develop a sense of connection between local and “tomorrow’s leaders.”

He said outdoor projects provide safe hands-on learning opportunities during the outbreak.

Hampton Road K-12 teachers, youth leaders and other organizations working with children are eligible to apply as long as there is financial support.

Details of the application process can be found at

Katherine Haffner, 757-222-5208,

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