Sea Jason ‘Dragon’ Woman

The land under the Bahar Jaswan Panchayat is actually known as the Reva Sud Female Agro Entrepreneur. In her heart she carried a love of medicine farming and Himalayan Paradise – based in Delhi, until she came to work in the hilly region – and in her eyes she dreamed of turning this area into a dragon valley. The dragon is an unusual fruit. She planted 3,000 seedlings from this fruit.

“I could have bought land on the outskirts of Delhi and farmed there. But I decided to come here because Himachal is a good place and Himachalis are good people. As for the dragon, there is hope for the farmer,” she said.

Her efforts have already paid off. Although authorized by the Department of Horticulture, my departments do their best to assist local farmers in cultivating dragon fruit. It is a pilot project in Una district. According to Minister of Rural Development and Agriculture, Vander Kanwar, the project will mainly promote MGNREGS funds.

Before the dream, it was a nightmare. In 2014, the famous urologist Sodi’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. There was a war between life and death. In the end, life won, won. That’s when they decided to do something for the community and something had to be chemically free because it could cause cancer. So they decided to do farming. They needed land.

Sod Sasral is in Kangra district and its legal property has not yet been distributed. That’s why they landed on the ground in the 2018 Jasper Panchayat, but what they saw was not sold. “When we went to seize, people dug a hole in the ground. We soon learned that we were being taken on board. But I did not run away. ”

Back then, for three years she cultivated solitude on rock-solid soil, eventually building seven poly houses and producing Chamatcar. “As a blessing, I found a virgin and a land free of chemicals,” she says.

It was this year that Ms. Sud, together with the woreda administration, was able to deliver her message of pharmaceutical farming to a common farmer. Called DC Sharma “the driving force behind the Pharmaceutical Project”, Dr. Chandan recognized her contribution to the revitalization of endangered species. “Through her efforts we have been able to bring 50 hectares of land to Himalal, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh under Sarpaganda Farms,” ​​said Dr. Chandan.

In addition to Sarpganda, she grows Ashwaganda, Moringa, Calmeg, Shatavari, Lemongrass, Vetiver Grass, and Stevia. She also grew black wheat and summer apples. All of this is chemically free because she uses a DC fertilizer made with the help of cow products. She put away discarded cows. There were already four. Now only two remain dead.

Mention a green revolution, and her face will be red. “The green revolution has brought chemicals into our lives and destroyed our health, our farms and our environment. Now is the time to return to our old way of life,” she said.

Sod was arrested last year by Kovid. Shortly after her recovery, she landed in the Himalayas in June to see her plants, her “seeds.” “They were drying up. So I had to get back quickly. They respond. They take care of me. I’re worried. When I’m in Deli, I spend four hours a day on video calls to watch the plants here,” said the 63-year-old.


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