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welcome to Digging in, A column on gardening. If you enjoyed the many fantasies around the seed packet display in the hardware store thinking about starting a farm or your stuff It does If you grow up Can This is for you. Whether you have a lot of land on your hands or just a few square feet of fire escape, every gardening endeavor starts with a pile of garbage and dreams.

Weeding is an essential part of growing your own food. Surprisingly, the garden is actually my favorite part. I think ASMR-lovers will be satisfied when people who eat honey are watching YouTube videos with their mouths open.

But when you don’t have the right tools, weeding can be tedious and crazy – especially when you grow your own soil and find that you can’t beat the next, especially stubborn taro.

Many years ago I started using a Japanese weed scythe called A nejiri finish, And he quickly discovered that it was one of the best tools for effective removal of plants. The handpiece has a curved blade that acts like an angle. To use it, they pull the scythe on the top layer of soil, producing weeds that grow from the ground.

For heavy weeds, the scythe is suitable for breaking down hardwoods from the soil. Simply anchor the razor at the base of the plant and pull it out instead of pulling. The knife will be stronger than your hands, and there is less chance of cutting the weeds and leaving the roots completely – and of course weeding is necessary to remove the entire plant.

The diseased shape allows you to move around the plants you want to protect. In the end, I used the best point to get rid of the weeds that were trapped in other leaves, in the same way that you cut the hair with a mouse toothbrush. The device can operate as a conventional scythe – good for dead heads and for harvesting. Using it in this way opens up Provenሽንal values ​​for me. I actually used to collect lavender bundles early in the summer of France when I was caught in a small yard in Brooklyn.

If you see weeding as a job and you are angry about the annual return of sheep and folds in the garden, weeding will make things easier for you — even if it doesn’t turn you into a stranger. Weed to be peaceful, even fun, action.

Weed Cycle

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Japanese weed cyclist nigiri gamma (left hand)

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