See how this local real estate agent voluntarily changes lives with Kids Scouts

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Brandon Brigham
Real Estate Agent Brandon Brighamon with LAH Real Estate. By Nathan Watson now

Is there anything more rewarding than watching your children and peers grow into responsible, responsible young adults? For many years, Brandon Brigham and his two sons were heavily involved in the local Boy Scout.

We talked to Brandon about the importance of volunteering with male Scouts.

Meet Brandon Brigham

Brandon Brigham
Brandon Brigham, real estate agent with LAH Real Estate Wood Office in Soho. By Nathan Watson now

Born and raised in Birmingham West, Brandon Brigham is a local and a local. After graduating from Auburn in landscape gardening, Brandon returned to Birmingham and began working in landscaping. But about 10 years later, he decided to change his profession.

After much searching, he decided to enter the real estate sector and eventually landed at LAH Real Estate. And for the past six years, Brandon has helped countless homeowners achieve their dreams in Birmingham.

When he does not offer home visits, Brandon can volunteer with the local Boy Scout. We talked to Brandon to find out more.

Volunteer with his son Scouts

Many years ago, Brandon’s eldest son expressed his desire to return to school and join the Cuban Scouts. Although Brandon had no background in the Scouts, he wanted to support his son’s feelings.

What are some of the most exciting experiences you have had with the Scouts?

“We rowed 61.6 miles in one swamp – the men even counted 70 crocodiles! Last year we went to Florida Keys for Rain and Boat Adventure. The men made the ship run under the captain. Running up and down the boat, fishing, cooking, cleaning the boat, and more. We look forward to another boat trip to Minnesota next year! ”

Why do you continue to volunteer with the Scouts?

“It really got my two children involved. I now understand that the transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts is a Scout-led program. They set goals to figure out how to improve their standards, and we assistant scout teachers don’t do everything for them. It really opens my eyes, because I can see my men growing into men. ”

What is the most rewarding aspect of your volunteer work?

“Now that these kids are in the Scouts, it’s worth seeing the boys lead these adventures and develop their skills. We take classes like First Aid, so we are ready to deal with emergencies in 3 hours. That training and the safety of young people are very important.

How have you seen the impact of volunteers on your work?

“For me, it is very easy to see the influence of scouts in the world of my sons. It really changed their attitude and self-confidence. One of the first trips was a difficult one, and although I knew that one of my sons had good doubts, they had some doubts. When we finished, he said, ‘I did it all.’ He then told me that he planned to visit the girl she was talking to!

Obviously, Scouts’ point is not dating advice, but the experience gives those men the confidence to meet any challenge in life and work for those life goals.

Learn more about Birmingham with LAH Real Estate

Brandon Brigham
Real Estate Agent Brandon Brighamon with LAH Real Estate. By Nathan Watson now

When Brandon does not volunteer with Children’s Scouts or when LAH Real Estate’s annual donations are not made to American Scouts, it is helping future homeowners find their dream home. Whether you are buying or selling a home, you can find out more by contacting Brandon Brigham in LAH Real Estate Home Office:

Have you participated in the Scouts? Give us a @bhamnow account to let us know!

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