See the 100 ‘Shining’ magical ‘poinsettias, orchids in Buffalo Botanical Gardens

Lackawanna, NY – Hundreds of poinsettias. Shining orchids. Moss dripping with fairy tales.

Visitors to the Buffalo and Eri County Gardens can see all that herbal magic and more at the special holiday light show.

The “backyard after dark” magical Pointsetias “is currently being practiced in the gardens of Lakawana minutes south of Buffalo. The event will give visitors a chance to see hundreds of “unique” ponies in shades of pink, red, yellow and orange – all set in a wonderfully bright and comfortable tropical park, the organizers said.

Colorful lights gleam among other plants, adorned with ornaments and shining white orbits.

The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens’ website features a bright and colorful display of pointias and other plants in the “Gardens After Dark: Magical Poinsettias” in December 2021 at a festival in Lakauna, NY.

Pointius is not the only Baal of magic to be found in Greenwich houses today. The organizers of the Western New York Garden Railroad Community Model Train and Cities show are currently set up among the plants.

For visitors looking for a more romantic evening, it shows a garden after dark and evenings. The special event will allow couples to walk around the “lighthouse” while drinking wine or beer and eating charcoal tariffs and chocolate, the organizers said.

How to see “Gardens after Darkness”

Where to go Buffalo and Erie County Vegetable Garden, 2655 S. Park Ave., Buffalo

When to die- 5pm to 9pm December 3 to 5; December 9 and 10; December 12; December 16 to December 19; December 27 to December 30 | The show is open on December 9 and December 16 from 5pm to 8pm.

Price: Prices vary by age and membership; Visit the Vegetable Website to buy prices and tickets

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