Semi-Underground Museum expands the park with a large rooftop garden.

The recently completed ethnography museum, in the shape of two man-made hills in a large garden on the rooftop, serves as an extension of the park near Budapest, Hungary. The museum has an intricate screen display with nearly half a million pieces of laser cut metal.

The ethnography museum was designed by a local company, Nahir Architect and heavy engineer, and 60 percent of the building is underground so as not to overwhelm the park. The 7,300-square-foot (approximately 80,000-square-foot) garden with more than 3,000 cubic meters (approximately 106,000 cubic feet) of soil was created using 1,500 standing plants, seven shrubs, about 100 green plants and approximately 700 ornamental grasses.

Although most of the building is underground, what it is. It is above the ground and is characterized by an aluminum shade, which helps keep the interior from overheating due to the heat of the sun.

“The prestige of the building is a glass face, the entire length of which is covered with a metal grid, with nearly half a million pixels, and the museum exhibits selected ethnic themes from Hungary and international collections,” the museum explained. Ethnographic press release. “The structure covers the building as if it were covered with Hungarian and world culture.”

The exterior of the ethnography museum is covered with an aluminum screen

George Palco

Inside, the museum covers an area of ​​7,000 square meters (about 75,000 square feet), spreads over five floors and accommodates more than 200,000 artifacts, including photographs, manuscripts, cultural music recordings and films. Its exhibition spaces are designed for flexibility and temporary and permanent displays.

Nearly 4,000 ceramic objects are on display around the world. Children.

The Ethnographic Museum is part of a larger redevelopment project in Budapest featuring Zaha Rail Architects and Su Fujimoto Architects, the latter being just a stone’s throw from the museum.

Sources: Ceremony Museum, Napur Architect

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