Sensory garden: night alls, light bulbs – ads – e-streams

Artists: McKong Shin, Hyundai Coupe, Sung Rock Choi, Leging, Changwan Moon, Doham O, Sera Yong, Ko, Ki Yang, Sang-Week Ha

The exhibition Sensory Garden: Nightclubs, lighthouses Despite the challenges we all face in the global COVID-19 epidemic, it is designed to give visitors a chance to enjoy a peaceful walk. We hope that our visitors will open their hearts to fully experience the night of poetry, music, fragrance, art and light through the wonderful works of art on the streets of the Asian Cultural Center (ACC).

The ACC has invited eight contemporary artists to upload their works on a 4,000-square-foot road. Artists have been introduced to the key word of this exhibition, “flow (or flow)”, and have been asked to build “site-based” works of art that can create a sense of belonging. As a result, the trail will now include a 100-meter-long fire line, a corner tower, a signboard from all directions, and a lush forest, small and large gardens. Set between the structures, a large lawn called “Hanul Madang (Heavenly Garden)”, a grand roof over the canopy, various stairs and narrow paths connecting those places, and modern works of art in line with the flow of the streets. They set it up. All of these are presented in the exhibition entitled “Garden of the Sensitive.”

The key concept of the exhibition, “Flux” is deeply embedded in the works of the artists participating in this exhibition. Sera Yong, known for her dynamic and subtle design, collaborates with poet Sang-Wuk Ha, whose poetry is well-known to the general public. The artist uses media art to deepen the sympathy of Sang-Hook’s poetry. Meanwhile, Sung Rock Choi and Changwan Moon Gob will lead the visitors in imaginary places by making 3D paintings on the walls and floor. Sung Rock Choi creates myths about the origin of the universe, and Changwan Moon borrows a metaphorical concept to show his work.

Haion Quinn translates the ACC landscape with the concept of “borrowed landscape”, which means incorporating certain landscapes into the existing landscape. The artist captures the Guangzhou stream from the Yongsangang River, which flows from Mount Mongengsan, and transforms the image into a sensory garden. Inspired by the connection between fragrance and memory, McKong Shin, in Marcel Pro’s novel “Ala Rich du Temps Perdu”, combines fragrant elements into sensory gardens. Jasmine’s fragrant soap design encompasses the nature of the materials used in wind and rain to remind visitors that everything is in harmony with nature. Dohaham O, the power of music in dissemination to people with disabilities and audiences through the art of touch and hearing, and his work provides a hands-on experience for visitors to participate in. DJ performance. Leeging explores the concepts of change and creation through the art of communication by looking at the wax of the moon and the cycle of cycles. Full.

Supervisor: Jimo Yi (Superintendent, Asian Cultural Center ACI)

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