Seoul semiconductor seeks $ 2 billion market share in innovative WICOP LED technology in global high power LED market

Ansan, South Korea- (Business Wire) Seoul Semiconductor Co. , Limited (Kosodak 046890), a leading global manufacturer of LED products and technology, has announced the launch of a powerful LED package, the Z5M4, with WICOP technology, one of the second generation technologies. LED industry. The Z5M4 is 10% brighter than conventional products and easier to replace existing high-powered products. Accordingly, Seoul semiconductor wants to expand its market share in the global high power LED market by $ 2 billion with street lighting, sea lighting and garden lighting set up by vertical chip manufacturers.

The Z5M4 LED is designed to be easily compatible with existing high-power products 1/1 with WICOP technology, and its excellent heat dissipation structure makes it a high-power LED package suitable for high brightness and high efficiency. It has an industry-leading 175 lm / W light output and can last up to 100,000 hours.

Seoul semiconductor has been leading the global patent technology for its patents on Philips TV and 13 automotive LED brands that infringe WICOP patents in 2019 and 2021.

“The Seoul Semiconductor Z5M4 LED for high-powered lighting will quickly close the $ 2 billion market for vertical technology companies. We plan to apply this product not only to high-powered lights but also to electronic flashlights and automotive lights, followed by SunLike LED, a natural solar spectrum LED technology, ”said a Seoul semiconductor official.

* Vertical chip – Excellent heat transfer structure in the design of vertical electrodes

* COB (chip on board) – A structure that reduces noise by connecting wires directly to a semiconductor chip mounted on a printed circuit board.

* CPS (Chip Scale Pack) Silicon semiconductor technology that BGA (ball grid array) on silicon semiconductor chips and assembled in a clean room.

About Seoul semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor is the world’s second largest LED manufacturer in the world, excluding the captive market, and has more than 10,000 patents. Based on its unique product portfolio, Seoul offers a wide range of technologies, and manufactures a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting, automotive, IT products, innovative LED products such as mobile phones, computer monitors and other applications, as well as ultraviolet environments. . The company’s world-leading development and wholesale products are becoming the industry standard for LED and are leading the global market for LED-free, WICOP. High-Voltage AC LED, Acrich; LED with standard 10x, nPola output 10X; Cutting Edge Ultraviolet Clean Technology LED, Violeds; All-Party Lighting Technology, LED LED; Natural sunlight LED, SunLike; More. For more information, please visit

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