Seoul Vios offers air purifiers to 300 small businesses in Korea that dramatically reduce the risk of CVD-19 infection.

Ansen, South Korea – (Business Wire– Living with Covide-19 launches sincerely, Seoul Vios Co. to provide 1/30 to 300 Korean utilities for free, with good intentions to support small Korean business owners. It also announced that it would issue licenses for air purifiers to partners who could supply them internationally.

A study conducted by Seoul Vios at the Korea Central Centers for Disease Control and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) showed air sterilization; Studies have shown that frequent opening of windows can reduce the risk of infection. The airflow with violet air purifiers is 6 times higher every 10 minutes compared to opening windows and ventilation, which means that the concentration of the virus is reduced by 1/6. Along with this, the simulation results show that the chance of infection can be reduced by 1/30. As a result, Seoul Vios has designed an air purifier to reduce the amount of floating droplets by facilitating airflow. And received a KC Certificate of Consumer Protection.

General air purifier HEPA filter can filter fine dust and droplets 0.3 ሜትርm (μm) or more. However, because the size of the CVD-19 virus is less than 0.1 እናm and the moisture-evaporating virus can pass through the HEPA filter, general HEPA filters are not sufficient to reduce the CVD-19 infection. In contrast, the three-dimensional filter structure, the violets air purifier stellar, prevents 90% of the virus from entering, which is carried out in droplets and attached to the filter surface. The license agreement is important for the business as Voodoo Technology is the world’s first patented technology made by Seoul Vios.

“Just as people have the right to drink clean water, we need to be able to breathe fresh air in indoor spaces,” said Lee Young-Joo, CEO of Seoul Vios. “I hope the government, construction companies and utility companies will play an active role in restoring people’s daily lives and restoring a few pleasures, such as eating and drinking.”

About Seoul Vios

Seoul Vios is a full-fledged solution provider for UV LED, VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser), next-generation light source for 3D sensors and lasers and single pixel RGB “micro-pure pixels” displays. Founded in 2002 as the Seoul Semiconductor Branch, it has the No. 1 market share in the UV LED industry (LEDinside, 2020). Seoul Vios has a wide UV LED portfolio of wavelengths (200nm to 1600nm), including ultraviolet light (UV), visible rays and infrared rays. Owns more than 4,000 patents related to UV LED technology. Violets, the leading UV LED technology, provides excellent solutions for strong sterilization and antibacterial (UVC), skin rejuvenation (UVB), water / air purification and fruit and vegetable development. A.D. In 2018, Seoul Vios acquired Reican, a leading electronics specialist, to launch advanced VCSEL technology that supports smartphone face recognition and auto-rotation and launches mass production. A.D. In January 2020, it introduced the “Micro Clean Pixel”, a potential gaming accessory in the display market. Visit to learn more.

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