September 1 Webburning on the topic of tomato growth success

Craig Lehooli, pictured here, will be hosting the September 1 live webcast in collaboration with Texas A&M Agrillif Extension Service. (Photo by Texas A and M. Agrillif.)

Craig Leehow, author of Epic Tomates, will present live webcast Epic Tomatoes from Your Garden in Travis County in partnership with Texas A&M Agrillif Extension Service.

Zom Webinar starts at 10 a.m. and ends around noon. It costs $ 25 to register on or before August 30 and then $ 35. Go to to register. Interested parties are encouraged to use early bird prices.

Due to technology shortages, the Web site is limited to 100 participants. For those who are unable to subscribe to the live website, a recorded version will be available for purchase.

A frequent guest on the Travis County Agricultural Extension Gardener and “Central Texas Gardener” television program said, “Those who register but are not among the first 100 attendees will be sent a link to purchase the registered version.” . After registration, participants will be given a link to the live session where they can log in to view via the Zoom webinar.

The focus and content of the program

LeHoullier is a well-known educator and frequent guest on gardening podcasts and radio shows. In this presentation he will share some tomato stories and stories as well as tips and tricks for successful growth.

LeHoullier will spend the first half of Webburn talking about tomatoes and what attendees need to plan their own successful tomato production. Then there is a break for questions, followed by tomatoes growing from seed to harvest, including various ways to grow a tomato crop, such as in traditional gardens, high beds, containers or straw mates. He shares some popular tomato recipes.

Richard’s Craig’s Epic Tomatoes is popular with many of our Travis County gardeners. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live webcast and receive answers when the time allows, and receive unanswered questions via email.

The webinar will also coincide with the book “Drought to Flood: Flexible Central Texas Garden”, which can be purchased online from the Travis County Master Gardeners Association. Richards spoke on the principles of Axiscaping from Drought to Flood and the Agency’s 2021 Education Center.

“Other programs in the series include soil, irrigation, lawning, and horticulture,” says Richard. “Then, at the end of September, we will have the last garden weed for Webnar. These programs were presented by experts from Lidi Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Texas A&M Agrillif and Travis County Master Gardeners, and Mr. Leholeli.

More information about the seminars can be found by subscribing to event announcements and subscribing to the blog. Visit the Travis County Agrilef Extension Event Calendar. Past WebNar recordings are listed on our favorite garden resources for the Austin and Travis County websites.


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