Several development projects will be completed in ‘Government Week’

Tehran – Due to government week (August 24-30), a number of development projects in various sectors, including water, agriculture, infrastructure and electricity, will be launched throughout Iran.

According to Iranna, 55 projects worth 2,057 trillion riyals (about $ 48.9 million) are expected to be completed in Samana State this week.

The projects include the construction of a 63-kilovolt line in the Ivankey Industrial Park, the installation of seven electrical network optimization projects, and the implementation of fiber optic lines in power stations.

The projects are reportedly under construction in Garmar, Miami, Shahrud, Semnan and Sorkeh.

Meanwhile, 49 power projects worth 415.134 billion riyals (about $ 9.8 million) will be implemented in Yazid State during the week.

The mentioned projects will be completed in a variety of areas, including urban and rural network development and construction, rural and urban networking, and the provision of electricity to towns and villages.

In other news, the Harvest News Agency quoted the head of the Golestan Provincial Regional Water Authority as saying that a total of 36 water projects worth 140.9 billion riyals (over $ 3.3 million) will start operating this week.

The projects mentioned are mainly river engineering and water supply projects, he said.

Seven agricultural projects worth 208 billion riyals (about $ 4.9 million) will also be launched in Amol, Mazandaran State, to celebrate the week.

According to Amol City Agriculture Department Head, Hossein Islam, the projects include equipping, renovating and consolidating paddy fields, three greenhouse projects, rice mill renovation project, equipping farm wells and generating electricity, and implementing a new irrigation system.

In Lorestan, 39 agricultural projects worth 1.07 trillion riyals (about $ 25.6 million) are set to begin this week.

The head of the Lorestan Department of Agriculture, Esfandi Hosseini Mogadishu, said 21 projects in water and soil, six projects in horticulture, one project in fisheries, two projects in the livestock sector, three projects in the field of transformation and food industry, and four projects to be completed in the province. they are.



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