Several other winners were announced at the Fruit and Fruit Conference

Many other people who are important to the New Zealand fruit and vegetable industry – in addition to Mike Chapman, who was awarded the Bledsloe Cup of Fruit and Fruit – will be at the Fruit and Fruit Conference Gala dinner on August 5 at Secret Creek.

Local Award

Emma and Jay Clark of the Woodhaven Gardens in Horowewa won the local award.

They are leaders in sustainable development by investing heavily in reducing environmental impact by following a scientific approach that balances the protection of Wodhaven Gardens with commercial success.

Clarks are leaders in research for the horticulture industry – measuring and providing evidence by investing time, money and land. Their large-scale fresh vegetables are transforming the environment, reducing the loss of nitrogen and reducing the impact on clean water quality.

The President’s Cup

A.D. Kylie Folkner, the first female president of the Uke Coco Gardeners’ Association in 2019, won the presidency. The award recognizes New Zealand’s passion for the fruit and vegetable industry and its commitment to growing as a business leader and successful producer.

Kylie was born in a vegetable garden, and when my parents didn’t want me to run into the pack, I sat in an onion pot as a child.

Twelve years ago, Kylie returned to the family business and said, ‘To be successful, farmers must always be smarter about how they grow.’

As president of Uke Kukohe Gardeners’ Association, Kili strongly advocates for land use, environment and labor. During the Oakland locksmith, Kylie PKico helped farmers continue to select and pack their produce for the nomads around the country.

Industrial Service Awards

Industrial Service Awards are for people who have served the New Zealand fruit and vegetable industry for a long time. There were three winners this year.

Tim Jones stepped down as chairman of Summerfruit New Zealand, where he had served for five years. He has been the CEO of 45 Southern Administration for more than 20 years, volunteering to share his knowledge and skills and advocating for the industry. Despite ongoing cargo cases, civilians have seen TV focus on labor and ensure that summer fruits reach foreign markets.

Brent Matthias has been described as “a dedicated and loyal servant of the New Zealand fruit and vegetable industry.” Brent began gardening in 1979. He focused on seeds, especially sweet and bean varieties, but as Brent approached retirement, he focused on foreign crops such as cabbage, onions, broccoli, lettuce and carrots.

Thirty years ago, David Watts left the commercial world to grow kiwi fruit and avocado in Kitika.

David has served as chairman and executive member of the New Zealand Kiwi Ifruit Growers Incorporated and the Katie Fruit Growers Association. David did not give up his time and energy to the horticultural industry. He has contributed to more than 40 government submissions and has just been promoted to Fruit News Editor and Advertising Manager.

Life Membership Award

Horticulture New Zealand Life Membership is for those who have provided unique and respected services to fruit and vegetable New Zealand and the industry for at least 10 years. Two industry supporters were given life membership this year.

Leon Stardard has been a major contributor to the apple and pear industry for over 20 years. Lyon In 2005 he became president of the Hawkins Bay Fruit Growers Association and in this role established the Young Competition of the Year as a national event.

Lyon He was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2014 and will serve until 2020. During this time, Lyon played a key role in ensuring that the horticultural industry was better understood by the government, so consider the unique characteristics of the industry in their decisions.

Lex Dillion retired last year after 38 years in the fruit and vegetable industry. In New Zealand, he was involved in the promotion of plastic boxes and return packaging.

Lex has held a number of management roles in the tomato and coated industries since 2019. Lex recently served on the advisory board of the Agricultural Research Project, a Lighter Touch project to shift focus and integrate crop protection. Biological and Ecological Processes to Food Production ‘.

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