Seychelles encourages more students to study, stay in the field of agriculture

The Seychelles government is looking for ways to encourage students studying at the Seychelles Institute of Agriculture (SIAH) to stay in the agricultural sector after graduation.

A delegation from the Ministry of Employment, Agriculture and Education visited the school on Tuesday to talk to the students and see where they could improve. There are currently 133 students at the school.

According to the Minister of Employment, Patricia Fankurt, a lot of work needs to be done for these students to stay in the agricultural industry after graduation.

“A team working on our findings from these visits is now in place and we want all partners to work together to make the value of the profession of agriculture worthwhile and respectful,” he said.

Minister of Agriculture Flavien Jubbert, for his part, spoke on various aspects of agriculture that students need to know more about the subject.

Some of the students we spoke to said that this school was their last choice and that they only got it because their choice was rejected.

The Chelles Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture, located on the west coast of Mahe, Ance La Lamu, currently offers two courses – an Advanced Certificate in General Agriculture and an Advanced Certificate in Organic Gardening and Landscaping.