Sharis, who grew up in the green, received national recognition as a farmer

A native of Morista Shaun AnankoFor more than a decade, he has worked tirelessly for thousands of children of all ages. Grow Green Morista.This month he was awarded the prestigious National Award for Pre-Environmental Education.

The award was presented at a meeting on May 18, 2022. The Morista Garden Club, Shaun won this award.

The American Garden Club, as a civic improvement committee, presents the award to individuals who excel in their education. The Elizabeth Abernati Hall Hall of Fame Award is for “recognition of the person who inspired children under the age of 16 to understand the beauty and fragility of our planet by working in horticulture and environmental protection.”

Farmer Shaun, Agricultural and Education for Grow It Green Morristown, was responsible for creating and growing Grow It Green to grow, feed, and educate more children in the NJ community.

On one hectare of land you can find many memories of plants and planets for many years in the city farm, creating positive memories for many years.

It encourages students to learn new skills and try new foods, and has shown that soil survival is only possible through a sustainable full cycle.

Farmer Shawn, a lifelong student, is always trying new ways to improve soil health. It attracts students to learn about those new experiences in order to nurture problems in our community.

Beginning in late June, you can even say hello to the farmer’s tea party at City Farm Stand on Saturday. If you do not know where it is, your children have a chance to do it! He and Farmer Marley enjoy a record-breaking meal that is growing in a variety of ways to increase food access.

Environmental and agricultural education is a valuable resource for children, which is possible with your support. Raise the Green We would like to welcome the children in person with the new Green Team member, Education and Garden Manager. Jenna Karahalius!

You can volunteer, donate and share Grow It Green with Shawn, Marley and Jenna to create these important relationships between food, nature and community. Look forward to joining Farmers Shaun and wishing you a happy Morista in your favorite city!

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