Shivamoga Farmer Receives Rewards for Endangering Herbs | Mysuru News – Indian Times

Shivamoga Tribe MV Prakash Rao, a farmer from Sagar Taluk Manchale village in Shivamoga district, has been awarded the Plant Genome Hunter Award for his work in caring for endangered plants.
Prakash, 65, has more than 200 medicinal plants on his small farm. The award was established by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare.
Prakash divided the farmland into one of them and turned it into one of the medicinal plants. Hundreds of shrubs and pumpkins grow in nature.
Prakash followed a multi-crop approach to replicating the West Gats Forest. For the past four decades, it has been distributing multi-level and multi-crop agro-forest models.
In the jungles of West Gats, in particular, the indigenous people of the Maldives region have identified about 3,000 medicinal plants. “Most were on the verge of extinction. I have tried to cultivate some of them on my land. There are now thirty species in my nursery. I want to uproot and cultivate 200 species that have been preserved in the field. It helped me to try to live in the jungle, ”says Prakash,“ and many farmers visited my farm. I am pleased with my research on turmeric species. I identified four turmeric species in the western Gath.
Ulasa M. Prakash, Assistant Professor at the University of Agriculture and Horticultural Sciences at Keladi Shivapa Niaka, helped prepare a presentation for the award. According to Ullasa, a progressive farmer has protected about 200 medicinal plants. “They are cultivating and endangering 30 endangered species.


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