Should you prune those roses? Here are some tips.

Marisa E. Thompson

During this time of the year, we receive many questions as to whether it is safe to degrade vegetation. I found this column by former NMSU Extension Horticultural Specialist Curtis Smith looking for NMSU Southwest yards and garden records at Try searching for “roses” for more details. And for last August’s column on the same question for trees, look for “Trim landscape trees now.” Visit the local Rose Community or Garden Club to see what activities are planned in your nearby Rose Garden for handicrafts. – Marisa Thompson

Question My roses grew well this summer. In fact, they have grown so much. Some branches are large enough to disturb pedestrians. I do not want people to scratch, but I do not want to hurt the roses. Is it safe to cut these long branches in the summer?

Kay K, Albuquerque

Answer – Yes, you can prune the offending branches even in summer. It is true that the best time to cut down many plants is during their sleep, but to keep people safe (and when your friends are near your home), you need to remove the branches now. These tree branches block traffic or interfere with people walking on public sidewalks.

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