Sigourney Weaver and Joel Edgerton star in Paul Schrader’s new film ‘Master Gardener’

Paul SchrarderThe most expected Card counter He will not hit theaters until next week, but he has already played a leading role for the next project. Joel Edgerton And Sigourney weaver Starred in the latest thriller by the famous filmmaker, Chief gardener.

Edgerton plays Weaver, a gardener on the property of Mrs. Haverhill, who plays Weaver. When Haverhill Narvel urges her anxious older sister to take her as a trainee, she prolongs her life, threatening to return to the past.

Written by Schrader, he, under his direction, deals with some key aspects of his recent work. Indeed, “the Mysterious Man Returns to the Dark Ages” triggers the two broad strokes Card counter And the 2017s The First Reformation, Made him an Oscar nominee for the original screen. Of course, there are some key changes to this formula. “He was one of my male actors at first,” Schrader said, “but later these two women intervened and it became more complicated and unique. Behind such genetic studies is fertile ground for the script writer taxi driver, Angry bull, And The final test of Christ.

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The film will be produced by Sherard’s long-time manager, David Gonzalez, side by side The rest Producer Amanda Crittenden And Hackers Producer Scott Lastati. Louis Law, Linda Ujuk, And Dell Roberts Produces an executive.

Production is expected to begin Chief gardener Early next year. See the official summary below.

Narvel Roth (Edgerton) Gracewood Gardens is a careful gardener. He is destined to take care of the lands of this beautiful and historic property, torturing his employer, Dr. MRS. Haverhil (weaving). When MRS. Hooverhill asks Maya to take care of her cunning and anxious older sister.

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