Sims Garden, which hosts a number of October events

Beginning September 18, residents will be able to see the terrifying mattresses and visit the Pumpkin Garden in Edgewood.

Sims Garden General Manager Amy Milam said the event will be similar to last year and will begin a week later and open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

All kinds of pumpkins and moms are for sale, as well as daily crafts and crafts and fraudulent hunters, he said. On weekends, visitors can buy pumpkin spice coffee.

“The Scarecrow Trail will include a contest where visitors can vote for their favorites and the winner will be announced on Halloween,” Milla said. She said the idea came when she was living in England and saw the same thing happening there. The trail will open like a pumpkin patch on September 18.

The deadline for submissions is September 17, he said.

Pumpkin patch, mom sales and intimidation trails are great ways to promote the garden, while Milami, for her part, saw the first-of-its-kind benefits at last year’s event.

“They didn’t know there were so many people,” she says. This was really good for the garden.

There have been many visitors and more events since last year’s event, including a “fall” baby shower. Last year, at the event, Milla sold 2,000 pumpkins and 600 moms, and she said she was happy to take COVID-19 out of the garden with her knowledge, and the staff will be masked as they were last year. Keep everyone safe.

“There are many ways in which this pumpkin patch has exploded,” says Mila. “I’m glad this is going to happen.”

The garden is also hosting a homemade tea party in collaboration with Homewood City and Little London. The tea party is on October 2, and Little London is offering tea, including two sweets, two sweets and a “neutral” item, among other things in the box.

Tea items must be pre-ordered by September 30, and will be picked up at 913 Irving Road between 12 and 3 p.m. Orders can be placed at


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