Singapore Hospice aims to redefine end-of-life care.

(Top left): Oasis @ Outram hospice patients playing mahjong; (Top right): Patients taking a chair yoga class; (Bottom left) ፡ Spallon, which offers hand pulling, massage and hair work for patients; (Bottom right) ፡ Playground in children’s room. (Photos Danny Osman / Yahoo News Singapore)

Singapore – Mention hospice and no one expects alcohol to be served in such an institution.

Oasis @ Outram Day Hospice patients can find that experience in an open bar. After all, in addition to medical reasons, why should a seriously ill person not be allowed to drink?

The newly opened Hospice Psychological Self-Determination aims to redefine lifelong care in Singapore with a focus on respect and promoting personal growth.

In addition to the alcohol offered at the bar, Outram Community Hospital has a 900-square-foot space for cosmetics, massage and hairdressing, a mini cinema, a dental clinic, a cafe, and a “secret” Mahjong room. , And a children’s room with a jacuzzi.

Unlike other day hospitals where patients follow a compulsory program, they can choose what they want to do on a daily list at Oasis @ Outram – such as chair yoga, art classes, bakery and gardening – or not to participate in anything and just hang out with friends.

Another unique feature of hospice is the use of a variety of tools to help trained caregivers have difficult but important conversations with end-of-life subjects. For example, Bite Size Future Kit patients who get a snack or candy after taking a card like “Where do you want to die?” Or “How do you want it to be remembered?”

The hospital was established in partnership with HCA Hospice Care (HCA), Singapore’s largest home hospice care provider – and the Lynn Foundation – a $ 2.47 million grant to start the facility.

“Practice in places run by charities often takes precedence over design. But well-designed spaces can sometimes bring healing and dignity to human friends, especially for socio-emotional challenges,” said Gabriel Lim, director of the Lyon Foundation program. Media statement by both organizations.

“We hope Oasis @ Outram will encourage the design of similar facilities in the future,” he added.

Oasis @ Outram will receive 45 adult patients and three pediatric patients daily and will operate from 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. Services are provided free of charge, and patients are referred to the facility via HCA.

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