Sit in Cubon Park

Most of the concrete benches in the park are crumbling, posing a risk of injury, but Smart City The project will replace 600 marble benches

So far to visit visitors Kubon Park Ducks are seated – if you choose to sit on hundreds of stone benches in the park. Although the older chairs escaped from the straps, their clothes did not fit. But, there is a break in sight – 600 marble benches are ready for the park.

“It is known as Bengalguru Indian Garden City. Thousands visit Kubon Park every day. Broken and rusty benches are sending a bad message to visitors to the park. The Department of Horticulture has been spending a lot of money to improve hiking trails and trails, but Manjunat Nak, a resident of Sanjay Nagar, who regularly visits Concbon Park, said.

The reporter noticed not only unused benches but also a garbage dump in front of such a bench north of Cubon Park. “Most concrete benches are dirty or broken. Satash S., a resident of Shivajinagar, says it is difficult to find a clean, concrete bench on the weekends.

Hundreds of visitors visit Cubon Park every day and the benches in the park are sad (above left), but soon new marble benches cover the area (right).

This was good news for us when we reported this to the Deputy Director of the Department of Fruit and Vegetation (Kubon Park). He said Bengalru Smart City Limited (BSCL) is preparing to replace 600 old and damaged concrete benches in the park. “BSCL has purchased four types of concrete and marble benches. We licensed these two marble chairs. Balakrishna said it would replace 600 old and broken concrete benches with new ones.

S. Umsh, president of the Kubon Park Tourists Association, welcomed the decision. He said it was difficult for visitors to spend time in the park as there was no place to sit. “Providing marble benches is a good decision. The fruit and vegetable department should also make sure that these benches are not damaged. Security forces must be on the lookout for criminals, ”said Umsh.

Providing marble benches is a good decision. Horticultural Depression Managers should make sure no one is harmed

– S. Umsh, pedestrian group

The fears of park lovers are not unbelievable once hurt, it takes a long time to restore things in the park. The garden department is still taking steps to restore rain shelter a few hundred meters from the Raja Wadiyer X monument. The rain shelter was damaged in June this year when a tree fell on it. The timing is to rebuild the rain shelter to make it more comfortable for the elderly and children visiting Cubon Park.

According to Gov. Negash Kumar, the authorities should take steps to raise funds for the construction of rain shelters or for corporate companies.


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