‘Skill, Morality and Screaming’ Chris Chrisson joins the winning team?

A week after the nationwide congestion, a new shadow cabinet was unveiled. Toby Manhir assesses his strengths and weaknesses.

For the first time, the much-anticipated Monday’s political announcement is aimed at the opposition, not the Labor-led government. It is also unknown what the leader of the National Party is doing today. During the 1 ፡ 00 00 00 00 ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ መጣ መጣ 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 መጣ መጣ መጣ መጣ መጣ መጣ መጣ መጣ መጣ መጣ መጣ መጣ መጣ Don’t just call it a new alternative. Chris Luckon says the party has changed a new leaf and has had a good run for the past six days. Let’s call it the new chapter.

If the recent national leadership scandal erupts, there may be a special feeling for the event. An unspecified eleven-hour talk between Luxon and Simon Bridges, described as a financial spokesman and third-party Caucus behind Luxon and vice-president Nicolas Willis, underscored the need for such a show.

Speaking to Willis this afternoon, Luxon named the 20 Shade Cabinet. The rest get roles, but are not rated. why not? Luxon said in a statement: “It is meaningless and often irrelevant.

The winners

Nicola Willis And Simon Bridges We already know. It is not surprising. Chris Bishop After being relegated to the fourth tier, he relinquished his role as host to the role of covander and sent Judith Collins to the room after she was found to be disgusted with the modified treatment.

However, it is the biggest increase Erica Stanford. She skipped 18 races to No. 7, and learned a lot about her role as a refugee with determination and conscience. (Unfortunately, it has not been corrected, which means the subject of “Stanford Prison Test” must be rescheduled for another day.) He emphasized the importance of Bill’s English presentation by assigning him to No. 2 Nicola Willis.

Matt Doocey Jump to the front seat, reflecting the silent effect on mental health; Same incentive b Simon BrownWho will get transport, which will be a unique challenge to become a police spokesman, a role played by former police officer Mark Mitchell.


The most dramatic fall, of course, Judith CollinsBut we will get there in a minute. Her deputy, Shan Retty, Drops, too, but nothing more than inevitable, and the useful cog remains in the machine, maintaining health and gaining Maori-crown connection and Pacific peoples.

Todd McLean Collins’ last shadow cabinet descended from the sixth to the nonlinear rotation. It has trade and tourism, but this confuses the non-standard.

After a short stint in the shadow fundraiser Collins partnership Andrew Bailey It dropped 12 points to 15, but has a significant role to play in small business, manufacturing, trade and revenue. Bailey’s double act Michael Woodhouse It was a total fizzer; The former finance spokesman is in the 14th-18th position in the top-20.

Another strong Collins fan David BennettIn the shadow cabinet, it is showing signs of slowing down in nine places, less than 20, less transportation, less visible, and regional economic development. And save for ideas Jackie DeanShe has a long history of exploiting “political power” and is now out of the shadow cabinet. She was 18th in the Collins Caucasus, now swimming in the unexpected.

Former leaders

In my data journalism, more than 21% of the current National Assembly is the current or party leader or deputy leader. With Simon Bridges Not only in the tent, but also as the financial spokesman and the other 3 former leaders in the group, such as Todd Mለርller and Judith Collins?

The new leader promised to engage them in significant areas. He did not speak correctly. Judith Collins She climbs 18 steps to 19th, and she – Checks notes – Research, Science, Innovation and Technology. “Judith has a real love for the portfolio she was given there,” she said.

Luxon ranked 30th in Collins’ final lineup and took on a balanced role (research, science and manufacturing). He had three other jobs. She is the only one. It is a chosen place, yes, yes, but it sends a very clear message that you are in orbit around the universe.

as such Todd MለርllerThe prospect of regeneration and climate change is expected to be a factor. He is out of the 20, with oceans and anglers as well as internal affairs. That’s still a promotion, but he did not even participate in the Caucasus under Collins. There is still a way out and it is said that he has changed his mind about stepping down today. “I know he wants to come back and be part of our team,” Luxon said.

The biggest matches

“I deliberately chose a 20-member shadow cabinet that would fit in with the government,” Luxon said. “When you put any national shadow ministers on their Labor counterparts, I am sure you will see that the members of the National Assembly have deep experience, political skills, work ethic and intellectual leadership. ”

Conflicts over Kovid (Pope vs. Hypkins), housing (Willis vs. Woods), social development (Upston vs Sequloloni) and health (Retty vs. Little). Which of the following head-to-head looks?

Chris Luxon vs Jacinda Ardern Well, obviously. The new dynamics will begin tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Simon Bridges by Grant Robertson It is difficult to remember the day when Robertson was ready to become finance minister. He made it his own. But Bridges is an experienced campaigner and former Crown Prosecutor; Presented a new test.

Erica Stanford vs Chris Hipkins Stanford shines a clear and consistent light on Covide-lost immigration response, making life difficult for Kris Fafoi. She adds her name to her list of targets – Chris Hypkins has another big portfolio while Covid’s response was too heavy to carry. Paul Goldsmith struggled to get here, and Stanford wanted to tell the stories of frustrated schools, parents and students. That being said, I’m surprised that Hypkins would be under such pressure (he is the leader of the House) until next year.

Simon Brown vs Michael Wood Differences in styles on transportation.

Mark Mitchell vs Poto Williams The police minister seems to be less of a rocker by this word; Inclusive for a member of the National Assembly, consistent in various fields (including withdrawal from leadership).

Simon Watts Nanaya Mahuta Here was an opportunity to put pressure on the government over the three-water reform, led by Nanya Mahuta, but Luxon chose not to hand over his previous role to local government to a member of parliament in the shadow cabinet. It looks like a mistake.


The first day of the Mለርller protests was described by Paul Goldsmith Maori as the “new” leader in New Zealand politics. Luxon can boast of 10 reasonable differences, including two Maori and four women. Over 20, not very good, only six out of 20 are women, and all but three are white Christmas: Simon Bridges, Shan Retty and Melissa Lee.


The last change was to assign different portfolios to the new national party leader Chris Luxon, Christopher Luxon, and of course Mr. C Luxston, but he took a more cautious approach. There is no symbolic portfolio for Luxon, given by John Kay to tourism and Helen Clark and Jassinda Arder for both arts and culture.

If there is a symbolism, perhaps, he is focused on managing the team, in the CEO. “I want to be able to float,” Luxon said.

“The line-up I am announcing today is based on competency and equates people with their strengths and skills,” he added. Reviewing KPIs, I enjoy sitting on performance reviews. “In terms of performance, in 12 months we will have another small review within ourselves.” He wants to float. He wants us to look at ourselves. Let the energy be with you.

National Spokesperson Roles and Caucasus Levels

  1. Christopher Luxon Leader, National Security and Information (over 28 years)
  2. Nicola Willis Vice President, Housing, Social Investment (up to 11)
  3. SIMON BRIDGES Finance, Infrastructure (up to 1)
  4. Chris Bishop Covenant-19 Response, Council Shadow Leader (up to 3)
  5. Shane RETI Health, Maori-Crown Relationship, Pacific Peoples (bottom 3)
  6. Louise Upston Social Development and Employment, Poverty Reduction for Children (3)
  7. Erica Stanford Education, Immigration, Collaborative Ethnic Communities (up to 18)
  8. Matt Dousi Mental Health, Youth, Complementary Health, Associated Transportation (up to 12)
  9. Simon Brown Transport, Public Service (up to 10)
  10. Barbara Curiger Agriculture, Biosecurity, Food Safety (up to 4)
  11. Scott Simpson Climate Change, Environment, Related Transport (Below 1)
  12. Paul Goldmith Justice, Workplace Relations and Security (unchanged)
  13. Melissa Lee Broadcasting and Media, Digital Economy and Communications, Ethnic Communities (Below 4)
  14. Mark Mitchell Police, SFO, Anti-Terrorism (below 1)
  15. Jerry Brownney Foreign Affairs, GCSB and NZSIS, Emergency Management (bottom 1)
  16. Andre Bailey Small Business, Trade & Consumer Affairs, Manufacturing, Building and Construction, Revenue (bottom 12)
  17. Stuart Smith Energy and Resources, EQC, Viticulture (no change)
  18. MICHAEL WOODHOUSE SOEs, ACC, Statistics, Sports and Recreation, Vice Chair of the Council (Under 14)
  19. Judith Collins, Research, Science, Innovation and Technology (down 18)
  20. David Bennett Economic and Regional Development (less than nine months)

And the rest (not rated)

JACQUI Dean Assistant Speaker, Protection

TODD ​​MCCLAY Trade and Exports, Tourism

IAN MCKELVIE Elderly, Forest, Racing

SIMON O’CONOR, Corrections, Customs, Arts, Culture and Heritage, Collaborative Foreign Affairs

TODD ​​Mለርller Oceans & Fish, Internal Affairs

MAUREEN PUGH Community and Volunteer Sector

Haret Hipngo Maori Development, Own Ora, Children / Oranga Tamariki

CHRIS PENK shadow prosecutor, courts, cooperative justice

Tim van de Mollen Defense, Veterans, Vegetables, Cooperative Agriculture

Nicola Grigge Rural Communities, Land Information, Animal Welfare, Women, Cooperative Agriculture

Joseph Munei Negotiation, Water, Space, Cooperative Tourism, Cooperative Agriculture

Penny Simmons Higher Education, Early Childhood Education, Disability Issues, Supplemental Education, Collaborative Social Development and Work

SIMON WATTS Local Government, Cooperative Finance, Cooperative Infrastructure

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