Skillful protection of border youth

Tribune News Service

Amrisar, May 29

To meet the needs of people living in the border area and to promote peace among border peoples, BSF has launched various programs under the BADP, which is changing the image of border villages. Punjab districts.

BADP covers plans such as skill development programs, Swahili Abyssinia and the promotion of cross-border sports.

Other than that, the biggest challenge in border villages is to keep young people away from drugs and smuggling. BSF is encouraging them to join the force by training physical / writing courses and sports in training camps. He is organizing volleyball for the youth of the neighboring villages. As a result, the interest of many young people in the sport has grown and unemployment has declined. Each year, the BSF spends around 60,000 to 70,000 Rs in Punjab programs on border villages and schools.

Electrical, plumbing and carpentry training was provided for young people living near the border, and sewing was provided for women. After the completion of the work of the plumber, the plumber, the plumber, the plumber, the plumbers, the plumbers, the plumbers, the plumbers, the plumbers, the plumbers, the plumbers, the plumbers, the plumbers, the plumbers, the plumbers.

The villagers learned about horticulture, scientific farming techniques, organic farming, and water harvesting techniques. Young people are now earning a living.

During Civic Action Programs, BSF distributes a variety of materials such as stationery, computers, RO systems, sports kits, etc., to schools and bio-toilets, storage tanks, trash, football and volleyball. In addition, free medical camps have been set up for the villagers.

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