Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School staff were shot dead in Northampton

Northampton, WGGB / WSHM – A fire broke out at Smith’s Vocational and Agricultural High School on Monday afternoon, and Sunday evening’s hurricane damaged the roof of a separate building on the school grounds.

More than a dozen fire trucks from several cities and towns are at the high school, and workers are trying to put out the blaze that erupted in the early hours of Monday night.

We spoke to the school’s superintendent, Andrew Lincolnaker, about the fire that broke out in the school’s fruit and vegetable building. He believes it may have been caused by a tractor on Building E.

Lincolnhocker added that all students are safe and accountable at this time. Students are quickly escorted off campus.

“The initial response was shocking,” said Lincoln. “When I left my office and saw the fire, it was very difficult. There was a great fire. The first concern was the health and safety of our staff and students. I want to thank our staff, who did Yaman’s work to save all the students from the fire.

Workers are battling a fire at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School in Northampton.(Western News)

As we prepare for training on campus, we meet some student-athletes from the Lacrosse team, and this should move now. He said that after being expelled, they were sheltered in the cafeteria.

“Everyone is filming, just like everyone else is trying to figure out what’s going on. Everyone is in shock. The teachers are terrified.” They are trying to get us out of here. Enter the cafeteria to avoid the fire. ” Student-athletes say.

Lincoln ደር ደር ደር ደር ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ምን ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ይህ ክስተት ክስተት ይህ ክስተት ክስተት እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ እንደሚያ ብሎ እንደሚያ That injury has forced many schools today to relocate. This includes a thrift store, a carpentry shop, and a Spanish and art department.

We spoke to John Davin, Northphampton Fire Chief, who told us that construction could be a cause for concern.

“The building will now be uninhabitable,” said Chief Davin. “The building may be in complete disrepair at this time. There are two rooms that did not cause any fire but are damaged by water and smoke, so the damage to most buildings alone could be close to $ 400,000.”

He added that he believed a device had been set on fire in the building but was under investigation.

The 18 students using the building were evacuated, and a few hours before the fire broke out, the roof of the building collapsed in a hurricane last night. We were told that work on the roof would begin on Tuesday morning, and it was planned to open the door by Wednesday.

About the school Tuesday, the superintendent said the lessons are as planned.

Western Explore News has staff on site and will have more information available.

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