Some gardens have their own ideas

Most of us do not have large farms for our vegetables. That’s why we try to pack a lot of them. Sometimes we run away, leaving a small space between plants. That I often practice gardening.

When you are sure that you have no place to understand, nature finds and fills that place where one does not exist. Sometimes plants are only seen in my garden, in my wild garden!

When we see a plant in the garden without our permission, we call it weeds. Yes, technically any plant that I did not plant in my garden could be called a weed. The plants I am talking about now are not weeds that I will pick up as soon as I find them – thorns, thistles, blackberries – we are in agreement that they should be removed.

I am talking about three amazing things that happened in my garden without any work on me, a desirable plant.

Last year I planted tomatillos, and I got huge crops from them. It would not be shocking if I were growing up on the same bed, but no, I now have one growing on the road next to the high bed in the uncultivated soil.

Another is growing in a large vineyard that is now struggling to survive, not a very happy fruit tree, but a very happy tomatillo. And the third one seems to be trying to get another high bed, which they have not yet planted. They produce flowers, but I haven’t seen any fruit yet.

Last year the crop consisted of all purple tomatillos; I’m curious to know what this year’s color will look like. Those purple ones may not be true in the years to come. If this year’s crop is all green, it will not be enough news.

All of these Tomatolo plants can be easily explained by last year’s crop of birds, and the sky knows that there are birds. Well-fed, enthusiastic birds, finches, pigeons and sparrows and more.
It is a mystery that Buganville is now growing up in bed. I have been following it for some time now, but I did not notice it as a seedling. As it grows, I ask myself, “The leaf is known, but what is it?” I said.

I finally understood the shape of the leaf, with a hint of red. The only creatures that showed no interest in it were the leaf-cutting bees. They pick my roses. Fortunately, I have always loved the sharp edges of these bees on leaves.

I still wait for the flowers to come, and I have to wait until next year when he wants to resist the plants and thorns. I will not allow him to take a whole high bed that he is happily doing. I hate planting anything big, but there are times when you have no choice.

One general shock was the pomegranate tree, which I had seen in a corner far away from where I had been growing for many years. That tree was so big that I could not walk around my garden, so I removed it.

I know, for the sake of my own comfort, it looks evil by removing a perfectly happy, healthy tree! Don’t worry. I did not destroy the entire root system and one unit sent a strong new shot. It is not because it has grown so quickly. This amazing fruit tree is now five feet tall. I wish I had a new fruitful tree, and I wish it had a little more space. Throwing his elbows in that corner, the mighty Willow Wilderness and Sicily Bay laurel sideways (finally trying to find that). I’m glad to see it elsewhere, but I don’t know how to move, especially if it’s growing from the bottom.

If they were the biggest problems in my life, they would think that I was happy! I do not complain about the appearance of new plants. If they were willing to grow up without my help and eventually gave me flowers and fruits, I would definitely not complain!
I conclude that my garden is magical, and it is good for me.

For KNPR’s Desert Bloom, this is Dr. Angela Okalagan at Nevada Extension University.

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