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Santa Rosa, California, August 25 (TNSGra) – Santa Rosa Junior College Released the following news.

Sonoma County Supervisors Board Awarded a $ 500,000 From PG&E settlement funds b Santa Rosa Junior College Manpower training program for new wildfire resilience. This grant will provide students with up to three years of forest firefighting training since this fall.

“SRJC is honored to partner with the county Sonoma To reduce the risk of future wildfires, he said, training local manpower and investing in forest fires will create and support family-based jobs in our community. Benjamin Goldstein.

“Wildfire prevention, recovery and resilience are paramount Sonoma County, And we are pleased to be able to support this important human resource training program in partnership with the SRJC. ” Sonoma County Supervisor Linda Hopkins, The chairman Board of Supervisors. “This is a timely, comprehensive and community-based forward-looking program that teaches essential skills to protect and defend communities. Sonoma County And move to another place for many years ”

SRJC’s wildfire resilience program combines rigorous college education with hands-on training in a variety of wildfire resilience practices, including mandated grazing, forest fuel reduction, fire-resistant terrain, resilience, and post-fire mitigation and rehabilitation. Students strengthen their skills in work-based learning programs Paid work experience b SRJC Shone Farm And through community partners who work with wildfires in the county’s most needed areas.

Fuel reduction training for students in the Natural Resources Program b Shone Farm Focusing on 120 hectares of forest, deforestation, incineration, oil spills, rehabilitation and long-term care. The local gardening program focuses on landscape design, construction and maintenance in the first 100 feet of unprotected space and fire prevention practices. The Adult Education Program provides professional development in wildfire resilience and home reinforcement practices for those who want to advance their skills in landscaping and landscaping.

The Animal Science Program teaches students about grazing instruction to reduce fires and maintain areas and fuel breaks after a fire. “Obedient grazing represents a rapid step forward in our community’s resilience to wildfires. Look at the past burned places in Sonoma County, Grazing areas are severely affected by wildfires. We are pleased to monitor the ecological situation on the ground, train students with the necessary knowledge of when and how to engage, and create a firefighting force in our community to manage firefighting with grazing animals, ”said SRJC Faculty of Animal Science and Program. Coordinator Amy Hussein.

In the first year (Fall 2021-Fall 2022), the wildfire program enrolls 300 students. Enrollment of non-delegated students, in partnership with three community-based organizations, will increase the enrollment and enrollment of junior students by 5 percent annually. The program develops and normalizes partnerships for student work experience, job placement or technical support while working with wildfires in three community organizations. North Bay. In addition, the program provides work-based learning with 10 paid work experience per school year Shone Farm Five scholarships or college credit for students to practice with community firefighting partners in the community.

SRJC has already established paid internships for students Audubon Canyon Ranch’s Fire Extinguisher Program, Leader North Bay Build wildfire resilience through prescribed fire training and implementation. »Audubon Canyon Farm He is very happy to cooperate with Santa Rosa Junior College The interim executive director said next year to train and advise future fire leaders Nils Warnock.

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