Soon, amaltas, gulmohar to decorate green belts in green node | Noda News – Indian Times

GNDA will decorate 4.7 million square meters of green belt after it is planned to beautify some of the lanes near Sirissa on the East Peripheral Expressway and the entry point into the Harina and Mortal lanes.
In the western part of the Great Noida, Gulmohar (Royal Poinchiana), Amaltas (Golden Shower Tree), Cachinar (Bavshinia Varigata), and Kuresia (Prunus Armenia) are identified as 7 km long in cherry blossoms in Japan.
The purpose is to create a green center with benches to attract tourists and accommodation for beginners. The Green Belt will be developed in 1, 12, 16, 16C and Texas 6 and 7 sectors and will begin operation in December.
Estimates for the bidding process are currently being prepared by the Horticulture Department. Gardens in New Noida also take on a new look, and similar species plant seasonal flowering plants in a colorful combination.
“We are in the process of making a major overhaul of the Great Noida,” said a GNDA official. Along with industrial development, it is also important to make the city a residential center. The Horticulture Department has been instructed to work on the city’s beauty plans. ››
He also said that GNDA plans to develop other green belts in the city based on the feedback.
According to Guinean CEO Narendra Bushon, green belts are being built with tourism in mind. “The idea is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and give them a comfortable place to spend quality time. Tourists can also look forward to visiting these green spaces. ” He also instructed gardeners to develop plans and ideas to renovate parks and other open spaces.



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