South Africa Agri-Business Trends and Market Report 2021 – Competition, Industry Situation, Influential Factors, Outlook –

Dublin:Business Wire) – “Trends in South Africa Agri Business 2021” report added’s Presenting.

The report includes information on agriculture and processing, investment, trade, corporate practices and other industry development trends. It covers more than 20 reports from the fruit and vegetable industry to dairy products, sugar and animal feed, alcohol and tobacco industries, and agricultural raw materials and livestock trade.

Trends in South African agri-trade

Agri Business has a number of sub-sectors, including maize and wheat mills, livestock production, dairy and horticulture. South Africa is a major producer and exporter of finished food products, and food exports grew by 2020.

New technology and vertical integration are driving change in the industry. Challenges include tariff protection, animal diseases, farm security issues, and the effects of climate change in various geographical areas. Restrictions on input costs, supply cuts, waste disposal, and illegal trade affect employment income.

Superior players

Although there are many food companies in South Africa, the industry is controlled by a few big players. High market concentration, often in the form of vertical integration, creates significant barriers to entry.

The flour and milling industry is concentrated and controlled by a few farmers, Shiloh owners and producers. In the poultry sector, large companies are outsourcing some jobs, creating opportunities for small players.


Current trends include product innovation that adapts to consumer behavior, such as organic and plant-based foods. Control changes and regulations, such as sugar taxes and sodium content restrictions, have led to challenges in production.

Supply and supply chain disruptions due to the epidemic have resulted in some shortages and rising prices. Arrested cheap importers, occasional bans, and illegal trade in tobacco and alcohol products have led to significant growth and impressive results in these industries.

Covered Topics:

1 Introduction

2. Description of the industry

2.1. Chain of Industrial Value

3. The size of the industry

4. Competition

5. State of the Industry

5.1. Coronavirus

5.2. Business

5.3. Organizational measures

5.4. Continental

6. Trends

6.1. Trends in agriculture

6.2. Trends in the process of agricultural production (primary)

6.3. Trends in food (secondary) process

7. Influencers

7.1. Investments

7.1.1. Major Transactions

7.1.2. Capacity building and utilization

7.2. Government initiative

7.3. Incredible water and electricity supply

8. Pest Analysis

9. External view

10. References

10.1. Publications

10.2. Websites

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