South Lincoln Street Community Garden will officially open.

The first ADA-honored community garden in Fort Bragg has come to fruition after years of planning and fundraising. The opening ceremony took place on Sunday, November 14 in the garden next to the CV Star Center. Matt Drewno, one of the main motivators, was present to explain the process and to thank the city of Fort Bragg and other sponsors for their efforts to support the gardening process. A second garden is under construction on South Port Road.

Gardener Community Community Board members Matt Druno and Jesse Yat discuss how the garden came to be and the South Lincoln Community Garden in Fort Bragg. November 14, 2021 Explains How to Participate (Photo by Michelle Blackwell)

The garden consists of twenty square feet and up to six wheelchairs accessible. ADA-compliant raised beds allow those with mobility problems to engage in gardening. The cost of the plots is $ 25 per year, which increases the cost of water. Gardeners also ask to spend fifteen hours caring for the garden. Although the garden may seem complete, only about half of the places are mentioned. The gardeners planted fava beans, peas, and oats to help the soil retain nitrogen and produce carbon during the winter.

The event was co-ordinated and promoted by the Mendosino County Women’s Voters League as part of its response to climate change and was attended by about 20 guests from the local community. The idea behind the community garden is to give people a chance to grow their own food in their area. Locally grown food builds resilience and requires less carbon to consume because it does not require transportation.

On November 14, 2021, the Fern Beans, Vegetables and Oats will fill the fields in Fort Bragg, South Lincoln Community Garden, to enrich the soil during the winter. (Photo by Michelle Blackwell)

City Council In 2019, it decided to establish Fort Bragg as a garden-friendly community. The resolution was led by councilors Jessica Morsele Hayes and current mayor Bernie Norvel. Drewno and others formed a committee to organize and plan gardens in the area. Fort Bragg offers a number of city-owned spaces as an alternative to the original garden. Next in line for CV Starr is the choice of facilities that are close to classrooms and adhere to the ADA. Drewno is widely known in the area as a manager at Stanford in Vegetation and Seed Bank. Drewno has built a 1,000-square-foot garden at Stanford that can feed the family for a year.

The garden gets its water from a well used to protect Redwood Primary Fields on CV Starr. As the team expands the area, it plans to add a rainwater harvesting system and a greenhouse. They also increase wind protection in the southern part of the garden to reduce moisture evaporation at the site. The Vegetable Suffering Community Organization is funded by the Mendosino Children’s Fund. To find out more about volunteerism, visit for more information.

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