Southwest Laking launches new agad program. Provides financial support to the Green House

Southwest Lacking Schools plans to expand into high school next year with the launch of a new optional agricultural education program at Watkins Middle School this year.

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“It’s a brand new program, we start from the ground up,” explains Dina Carcuk, agricultural coordinator. We will build support in the middle school to keep students excited and to give us an introduction to agriculture. Hopefully, those eighth graders will continue to high school and will continue to follow that path if they choose to.

Carp students say, “You get a really good overview of what happens after you go to high school. We do a little food science, we do some gardening. We hope we can go to our green house and do some planting in the greenhouse. We do acupuncture and hydroponics, soil testing… They get a good mix of all kinds.

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