Spencertown Academy celebrates the art of gardening

SPENCERTOWN: Spencertown Academy of Arts Center’s 17th Annual Hidden Gardens Self-guided Garden Tour, Outdoor Market and Plant Design Art Exhibition is scheduled for August 28. This popular Columbia County summer event is designed to inform, inspire, and seduce gardeners.

The 16th Annual Hidden Garden Visit and the Green Market had to be canceled due to the epidemic. We did not know exactly how the opening would change, so we chose June and this year for the first time this summer, ”said Madeleine Sparks, co-host of the event with Vivian Wachsbergger.

Hidden Gardens Visit Five private gardens in Australia, Chatham, Ghent and Spencerta. From c. The 1790s federal-style house is built in a cozy landscape in a modern Asian-inspired home featuring indigenous plants, and there will be extensive garden designs to inspire visitors. This year, most of the sites also have an abundance of gardens in August. All gardens boast one or more water features – farm ponds, coyotes, ponds and springs. For those who want to know what can grow in the shade, there are plenty of forest gardens. Late summer gardening is a great time for dahlias, conifers, black-eyed squirrels and many other flowering plants that explode in color and shape. One place is a sculpture garden with the artist’s work and the loads of some of his colleagues. On the other hand, the formal elements of garden design blend well with the natural features of the landscape. A.D. In 2020, outdoors gathering options became very important, and all of these properties offer great ideas for “outdoor rooms”: fireplaces, dining areas, and discussion areas.

The gardens will be open, rainy or bright, with tickets from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., $ 35 in advance tickets and $ 40 in day tickets. Advance tickets can be purchased through spencertownacademy.org. Day tickets will be available at the academy and the Green Market from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Or the market from 9 p.m.

The Green on the Market will be held from 9 am-2:30 pm at Spencertown Village Green, at the intersection of Route 203 and Route 7 in Spencertown Village, Spencertown Village Green, featuring vendors selling plants, home and garden items, birdhouses, antiques. , And Vegetable Books, and buyers will find bargains at the Academy’s Elephant Booth for a selection of garden accessories and accessories. The percentage of all sales benefits the academy. Admission is free.

This year’s Botanical Art Exhibition, “Still Life-Flowers, Fruits and Foods at Rest” features flowers, fruits, and food items that show daily life relaxation, play, or an interesting daily life. Seven artists with unique styles still present their visions of peaceful — and sometimes challenging — still life interpretations. During the Spanish Gardens, the Spencertown Academy Arts Center Gallery will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A.D. Founded in 1972, the Spencer Town Academy Arts Center is a cultural center and community resource serving the District of Columbia, Berkshire and the Capital Region. Located in 1847, the Greek Revival School is located at Spencer Town on 790 State Road 203. For information, contact info@spencertownacademy.org.

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