Sports Courts, Reflected Garden at Fort Missoula Regional Park

Donna Gauler, director of parks and recreation, talks about Fort Misola Regional Park soon after it opens. The park will grow 1 hectare according to the plan approved by the city and county. (Missoula current file photo)

A small park near Fort Missoula will once be part of a larger regional park that offers playgrounds and will include several new offerings after funding.

Missoula County on Tuesday approved a 1-acre package plan to include a landscaped garden and expanded sports courts. The master plan is designed in consultation with the city.

County planner Jackson Lee said: “The chosen master plan reflects public opinion.” “Improvements will be made for soccer and handball fields, interpretation rooms, a reflective garden and also the entrance to the southeast of the park.”

The $ 42 million bond was approved by voters for the Fort Missoula Regional Park in 2014, and the expanded facility now serves as the city’s main athletic complex. Under the lease, the old bang cakes were made privately on county land.

At the end of the lease, the city and county moved to the Fort Misola Regional Park administration. The overall plan has been approved by the County Parks and Roads Advisory Board.

“There is no timeline for the implementation of these improvements, as formal partnerships are based on funding and other sources of funding,” Lee said. “We are interested in some community partners, especially the sports courts.”

The best mating plan for the old batting houses in the Fort Missoula Regional Park.

Lee says that any package use must comply with the Land and Water Conservation Fund’s rules, which require it to remain open and open to the public for outdoor recreation forever.

Lee said the plan, as soon as it was renewed, would provide users with a variety of recreational opportunities and increase access to the Fort Missoula Regional Park in the southeast.

He said financial support is needed for the effort.

“The city has been leading the planning process, and they are in touch with community partners,” he said. “We want to provide text resources and community partners for this.”

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