Spring Flower Workshop

La Sale, Sick – The harvest season is upon us. Youth at Illinois Extension Education Center and Community Teaching Kit, 944 First St.

4-H members and non-members are invited to participate 10 years of age and older. The supply fee for this workshop includes all the items needed to create and personalize the 22-inch seasonal wreath. You will be ready to choose from ribbon varieties and decorating options. 4-H membership fee is $ 15 and non-membership fee is $ 20. Light drinks are also available. Payment is required in advance to secure your place. Contact the La Sale County Extension Office at 815-433-0707 to register and receive payment information.

Garden and horticultural history in a forested area in Mahomet

Champagne County Chief Gardeners and University of Illinois Extension University in Mahomet highlighting gardening and horticultural history in a forested area by phone or on a 24-hour call Aug. 24, hosted by Marina Montez-Ellis, Forest and Natural Resources I from I, and now in the Grand Prix Museum Expert.

In this presentation, you will visit the “Chambamamos” in the Champagne County (“Environmental Secrets”). Montez-Ellis focuses on three specific areas of Lake Mahomet, including the Great Prize Museum and the surrounding gardens, the Mabery Gelvin Plantation Park and the Buffalo Trail Prize.

You will do the following during this presentation

  • Be inspired to duplicate plant choices and landscape designs in your own gardens
  • Learn about plant choices and design features in the Mabri Gelvin Garden
  • Learn about the local plants that grow in the Buffalo Trail Primer

Register at Tinyurl.com/whuks3r7. The program is registered and posted on the YouTube channel go.illinois.edu/ccmgYouTube.

Fall Garden – Preparation for next season

Explain that the growing season is over for many indoor gardeners, so join gardening instructor Chris Enrot via Zom. Enroth provides up-to-date advice on what you can do to prepare your lawns, gardens and garden beds, then have a question and answer session. Local gardeners lead the craft.

Register at Tinyurl.com/faxrwnc8.

Pollen garden tour

Carlinville, Ill. – A visit to the Carlinville Flower Garden will take place on August 25 at 10 p.m. The visit, led by Andrew Holsenger, a professor of extension horticulture at the University of Illinois, highlights the pollen gardens and the plants in Carlinville, recently called Bee City. America.

Participants will meet in front of the Macropon County Extension Office, # 60 Carlinville Plaza, Carlinville. Register at Tinyurl.com/3et2zsk8.

Cover crops – build your soil

The Online Program Coverage Crops – Building Your Soil August 26 from 2 to 3 p.m.

University of Illinois extension educators Duan Friend and Katie Parker explain how to create healthy soils by planting cover crops and incorporating cover crops into crop rotation.

Learn more, part of the webinar series. Register online at Go.illinois.edu/Know2Grow.

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