Springfield, Illinois University announces non-credit online certificates in cannabis education: Greenway Magazine

Of University of Springfield, Illinois The Office of Continuing and Vocational Education (CAPA) has partnered with Green Flower to provide non-credit online certificates for cannabis education. Each online program includes three, eight-week online courses.

The expanding cannabis industry is creating demand for more skilled workers. According to Business Wire, cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. UIS is partnering with Green Flower to meet the critical needs of workers in the industry.

“The US Agency for Continuing and Vocational Education (CAPA) is committed to developing a skill-based program and expanding non-credit opportunities,” he said. Rob Ker, US Assistant Director of Continuing and Professional Education. We are happy to be the first university in Illinois Collaborate with Green Flower to provide the required cannabis certification programs. Of Illinois The cannabis sector has great potential for growth. Within 100 miles of our compound, there are 25 subdivisions and agricultural centers and more than 16,000 workers across the country. This market is growing, and everyone with the right training will be able to take full advantage of it.

Programs cover cannabis, agriculture and horticulture, law and policy and health care and medicine. These certificates complement existing credentials and promote cannabis knowledge and practice for professionals in a wide range of fields.

“Green Flower from University of Springfield, Illinois And especially the Office of Continuing and Vocational Education. We see the commitment of the university to expand its gifts to staff and lifelong students as a clear indication that the university wants to serve all types of students at all levels of development and professionalism. ” Daniel Calf, Vice President of Higher Education in Green Flower. “One year after the incident Illinois Adult use has legalized cannabis, the state has seen the fastest and largest growth of any state in the country, and as sales expand, so does the industry and the vast majority of jobs. We appreciate the University’s leadership’s foresight in providing certification programs designed to provide people with careers in the fast-growing labor market in the country. We can’t think of a better university or group of people Illinois We are thrilled to be able to partner with you and launch these programs this summer.

Courses begin August 23, And registration is now open. Students can enroll cannabiseducation.uis.edu. It costs money $ 2,500 With one certificate, however, USES A is providing $ 300 Discount for students enrolling in the August group.

Courses are designed using the best practices of online learning and are designed to accommodate professionals. Students develop portfolio of case studies and projects that can be used to demonstrate racial cannabis knowledge. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a Certificate of Completion from University of Springfield, Illinois.

You can email questions about the new online certificates cannabiseducation@uis.edu.

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