SRJC to rate this fall in the classroom

In the fall of 2021, nearly a third of Santa Rosa Junior College courses will be held in person at the 2021 Harvest Course Program. Continued to spring 2022. , 806 will have a class presented by a teacher in person.

The announcement follows the release of SRJC plans to secure the gradual and gradual reopening of the College’s SRJC campuses and stations in accordance with current CDC, state and OSHA standards.

“We are thrilled to see so many students returning to campus,” said Dr. Frank Chong, president of the SRJC. Our faculty, staff and administrators have worked hard to ensure that the epidemic continues for all students. We have moved beyond distance learning and worked with county health officials to provide ongoing physical education for programs that are important to our community, such as the Nursing and Fire Academy. We even did two graduations. And while we need to maintain some safety precautions on campus for a while, I look forward to opening more classrooms and restoring a sense of normalcy for our students and staff.

Courses will be held in person at all SRJC campuses and stations, including those that have been deployed throughout the campus, including a wide range of supplies that have been extended to other areas around the college. This includes art, history, English, mathematics, vocational education, ag and natural resources, communications, cooking, biological sciences, anatomy, physiology, justice, microbiology, chemistry, music, theater arts, physics, florists, vegetables, Includes automation technology. , Machine Technology, Welding, Consulting, Kineiology / Dance, Astronomy, Anthropology, Animal Health, Business Administration and Sociology.

Dr. Jane Saldasa-Taley, Vice President, Academic Affairs, said, “This is a great time for students to re-engage in their education as there are many online and in-person courses available. The SRJC Fellowship Program offers a wide variety of physical options for students who want to graduate, transfer, meet the requirements for health science programs and work on vocational education certificates. Seats are widely available and our faculty are ready to meet students in any way that suits their needs.

At this time, SRJC campuses are not open to the public and support services continue to be provided remotely.

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