St. Francoi County Fair Programs is doing well

This story first appeared in the September 4, 1931, issue of the Farmington Press. – Editor

One of the great and inspiring performances of St. Frances is the active participation of all the committees in this year’s annual county exhibition, which runs from September 30 to October 3. According to Ph.D., the county is very good.

In addition to allocating hundreds of dollars in premiums, the budget committee also allocated liberal funds for entertainment. De Lang Entertainment Company offers rides, shows and other forms of entertainment as mentioned in the previous announcement, and in addition to the high band music on the daily program, free activities will be more reasonable than the acceptance of 10 and 25. Coins are charged to the land.

Friday, October 2 will be Children’s Day, and all young people attending public, religious, class, or high schools will be allowed to enter the campus free of charge. The entertainment company agreed to charge half the price for trips and shows that day. Practically all premium details have been finalized and will be in the hands of publishers who have assured the justice authorities that they are ready to distribute premium books in the next few days.

The preceding judges include each section except for cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, and mules, and a judge for those sections is guaranteed for the next few days. Hazzi Graham, chairman of the Poultry and Pets Department of the Department of Poultry and Animal Husbandry, confirmed that JC Johnston, Cape Girardow, Missouri, will officiate this year. Mr. Johnston has a very enviable reputation as a judge for leading this role in former St. Francis County performances, and the exhibits in these sections prove to be extremely neutral in the judicial process.


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