St. Lucy County – Summer Fertility Ban Effective June 1 through Sept. 30

St. Lucy County – Friday, May 27, 2022. The county-wide fertilizer ban for all residents and businesses in St. Lucy County will take effect on June 1st and will run until September 30. The ban applies to all businesses and homes in St. Lucy County, as well as to the cities of Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucy.

• Reproduction with nitrogen or phosphorus is prohibited from June 1 to September 30.

• October 1 to May 30 – All fertilizer products must contain at least 50% slow-release nitrogen and 0% phosphorus (unless depleted).

Fluid from nitrogen and / or phosphorus fertilizers can be used as fuel for harmful algae flowers and negatively affect the water quality of the St. Lucy River and Lake India.

The St. Lucy County Fertilizer System is designed to prevent overcrowding in one of North America’s most diverse oceans, similar to the more than 40 communities in the Indian Ocean basin.

Residents, businesses and lawns should also not be allowed to wash, clear or breathe in stormwater runoff, as these are sources of pollutants that could harm Lake India and St. Lucin. River. The county-wide Fertilizer Regulation includes special conditions for agriculture, golf courses and athletics.

For fertilizer ceremonial information, visit: information

Check out these UF / IFAS resources to reduce fertilizer use and have a sustainable and beautiful landscape.

Feel free to contact Krot Rotindo Urban Horticulture Agent at 772-462-1660 or for any questions or additional information.

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