Statements, June 18, 2022

North Branford – Northford Congregational Church, a “small church with a big heart,” holds an outdoor sign on the lawn to use the church, 9 am-1pm June 18 at 4 Old Post Rd., Northford.

A limited number of handicrafts and suppliers’ places are available for an advance payment of $ 20 (non-refundable). Setting starts at 7 ፡ morning 30 Bring your own table and chairs. Contact Aloha at 203-484-0794 for information and reservations. The rainy season is June 25.

School Account Sale

West Haven – St. Lawrence School, 231 Main St., West Haven, is holding an account sale from 10 am-3pm on June 18 to support the school. Consumers will find toys, games, books, furniture, and other items.

The Celtic scholar is a stranger to St. Anne.

Old Lime – St. Anne Bishop Parish will receive the world-renowned Celtic spiritual scholar John Philip Newell at 9 p.m., July 16. The morning includes spiritual exercises, outdoor meditation, sharing, question and answer sessions, and book signing.

Book your event at Eventbrite or by calling 860-434-1621. It costs $ 40, and there is a scholarship.

Earth and Soul is a Celtic study, spiritual practice, and compassion based on the teachings of John Philip Newell. His school and pilgrimage trips are designed to sanctify the vision of the earth and of each person and to enable healing work in our lives and in the world. As a “wandering teacher,” Newwell described himself as a ‘wandering scooter,’ following the ancient ways of many solitary teachers in the Celtic world. In his teachings, he is described as having a ‘Celtic Bard Heart and a Celtic Scholar Mind’, combining poetry and intellectual, mental and emotional, and spiritual understanding as well as political and ecological issues. . He considered himself to be a ‘grateful child of the Christian family’ who wanted to be associated with the wisdom of the great spiritual traditions of men.

The church organizes a free Bible school.

Oxford – Immanuel Lutheran Church, 25 Great Hill Rad Oxford, July 25-29, 9am to 4pm, 3-14 year free Bible School.

“Children can learn about God and his Son Jesus through art, play and song,” members said in a statement.

Team assistants needed. Call Charlie Town at 203-426-5477 or church office at 203-888-4713 to register.

St. Anne’s Summer Worship Program.

Old Lim – St. Anne Bishop Parish, 82 Beach Road Old Lyme, Announces Summer Worship

Schedule A Sunday worship service will be held from July 3 to September 9 ፡ 30. 4. Following the service, a coffee clock on the porch of the church will allow the weather. Members welcome one and all.

Regular weekly services will remain as usual Tuesday, 10 am Highlighting morning prayer

Wednesday, 3 p.m. Creation Care Service, Wednesday at the Memorial Garden.

Mishkan Israel organizes events.

Hamedin – Conference Mishkan Israel, 785 Ridge Rad Hamden, invites people in person or online for Friday night services at 6pm, led by Rabbi Brian Immerman and Cantor Arthur Gilio.

9 am Rabbi Immer leads Shabbat Morning Study of Torah.

Masks are recommended for all physical events. If you do not feel well, join us for a service from home. To join us online, go to and go to Password or call the office at 203-288-3877. For pastoralist emergencies, Rabbi Immerman live at 203-584-7396.

Congregation: Jacob’s ministry, let him enter

Woodbridge – Conference Benay James, 75 Rimmon Road, Woodbridge, announces the following services and programs. We stream and live for Shabbat Evening and Morning Services. We are no longer degrading these services. We ask everyone to get vaccinated, including incentives to enter the building.

June 18: No Bread and Torah; 9 ፡ 45 45, Sunday service.

Sunday morning morning at 7 p.m. 45 at the chapel and highlighting. Try to live in the temple to read the Torah on Mondays and Thursdays.

Evening mini-night from 6pm 00 Saturday to Thursday evening from 6pm 30 on Friday night.

Conference House L – Keser Israel Services, Programs

New Haven – Assembly Hall El-Keser Israel, 85 Harrison Avenue in Westville, in person twice a day. Weekly services are also highlighted. Email to request a zoom link or call 203-389-2108, ext. 114.

June 29 ፡ Interview with Bruce Spider, Sustainable Jewish Laboratory Manager at Hazon Public Education 7 7 30 30 አ ላ Magula. Spierer has years of experience working in urban agriculture, community fertilization and public gardening. Contact the office to request a discussion link.

Schedule conferences or shalom services.

Orange – Conference or Shalom, 205 Old Grassy Hill Road, Orange, contains the following services and programs. Call the office at 203-799-2341 or email

Mining services highlighting Sunday, 9 am; Monday, 8:30 am; Thursday 8:30 am

Shabbat Services with Zoom in and Body Raising Friday, 7 ፡ 30 30 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. 30 p.m.

Temple Sholom Services

Hamedin – Temple Base Sholom, 189 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, offers morning and evening service and Friday and Saturday mornings. All services are in person and highlighted.

Minyan starts Monday to Friday 7 ፡ 15 and Sunday 9 9 በ in Roh ዴ ሽ ሽ ሽ ፣ ሚ ሚ ሚ ያን ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ዮም ዮም ዮም 30 ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ ሚኒ It was held at 45 p.m.

Friday Night Cab Service 7 ፡ 30 p.m.

More information is available at

Temple Immanuel Program Concerts, Events

Orange – Temple Emanuel, 150 Derby Avenue, Orange, announces the following programs and events. They are all captured in person and online. Covide-19 Precautions Must be worn at home for all those over 2 years of age. Adults are expected to be fully vaccinated. For more information on services and celebrations at the Temple of Immanuel, and to register or purchase tickets for special events, visit or call the office at 203-397-3000.

Weekly Services Destination – 6 p.m., 30 p.m., First Friday of the month, Family Sabbath Service, 30 a.m. Cabatom Sabbath Service Full Friday.

First Saturday: 10-11: 30 am, Shabbat Morning Minyan; All other Saturdays, weekly Torah study.

Temple Temple offers online programs

Cheshire – Temple Bete David, 3 Main St, Cheshire, Online Forum Zoom and uses Facebook Live for events.

Shabbat services are held every Friday at 7pm, with the exception of the first Friday of the month, at 6pm on 30:30, hosted by Oneg Shabbat in a community hall of various temple families each week.

To join the magnifying glass services, check the start time on the calendar at

Email to reach the temple or call 203-272-0037; Rabbi Micah is always available to talk to

The worship of St. Andrew invites everyone

North Ford – St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 1382 Midtown Avenue, Northford, invites residents to Sunday service at 10 p.m.

Visit for information. Pastor Brian Spinx is a pastor-in-charge. Contact Nan Monden, Sir Wardon, 203-710-7005 for more information. Or Rev. Spinx, 860-304-5266.

Laurel Oaks enrolls fall students

HAMDEN – Laurel Oaks Adventist School, 14 West Shepard Ave. Bus transportation is free for Hamden residents.

Parents can get more information and schedule a visit by calling Sandy Viniczay at 203-248-3251 or by calling Website:

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