Steam Boat hires director of new parks

Aaron Starford
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Aaron Starford began his career as a park manager when he was 16 years old.

While studying psychology and human development at Metro State University College in Denver, Stafford found work on golf courses and other landscaping projects.

Although he initially thought he would like to work in counseling, Stafford quickly went outside to entertain himself.

Starford was recently hired to oversee Steamboat Springs’ new parks. He replaces Ernie Jenkins, who retired 27 years later. In his new role, Starford will be responsible for the maintenance, operation and construction of each city park.

“People think of parks as green spaces, but we have some different parks here on the steamer,” said Emily Hins, coordinator of parks and recreation and special events. We have an ice rink and Rhode land as part of the city parks.

Before coming to Steamboat, Steford oversaw a private water and irrigation technology company, and then the Westminster City Maintenance, Greenhouse, and Gardening Programs.

Starford said he was pleased to see the city and learn more about the work culture among city employees and move to Steamboat.

“He has a lot to do with the place, and I really think Steamboat is just a special place,” Starford said.

Starford has shown a positive working environment for the City’s high standards for Parkinson’s.

“You really have to understand our green infrastructure, our parks, our grass, our irrigation system,” Starford said. The friendship here is not a joke.

He said he hopes to improve the city’s irrigation system to protect water and money, especially as Ruth County is currently in a state of severe drought.

“As a community, I want to set an example,” said Starford. Over the past 10 years, irrigation has come a long way in modern and predictable irrigation to save significant water for our environment and our budget.

Starford said he knows parks and open spaces are essential to life in a steam boat.

“I will try to innovate in landscaping and municipal maintenance and take this amazing community to the next level,” Starford said. I want other outside communities to look at us and say ‘Wow, look at what they did’. “

According to Hens, Steford is a good addition to the Parks team because of its clear understanding of the steam boat and its emphasis on urban spaces and outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re just going out for a picnic or a family vacation, or you’re just going to the city to take part in an event, or enjoy our park system, there are really many amazing things to do. Heins said. “He Is the Pastor”

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