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King – Of 70th Stocks County Agriculture Fair Permission go over On as such Planned But Without Some of them know Exhibitions due to county COVID-19 status..

There are no acceptable entries B. Baked goods, packaged foods, furniture, sewing, fine crafts, flowers, and handicrafts. There will be no youth class entries this year (ages 5-12 and 13-18).

Vegetables, honey, poultry and animal feed are accepted as usual. Activities Including Of Midway Trips, Music, Bingo And Offers, Permission as well as to become In Place as usual.

Of 2020 Fair used to Done Reason to the Of Coronavirus, And Of 2018 Fair used to cut off Short as if Hurricane Florence.

Of Load-in day B Of Fair sellers and other participants it is Tuesday, September 14, then the show will run from Wednesday to Saturday.

Gates Permission open as if 5 In the afternoon Tuesday Through Thursday, Then as if 4 In the afternoon Friday And 2 In the afternoon On Saturday. Entertainment Permission It happened at night as if 7 In the afternoon

Thursday will be Animal Farm Night and Friday Horse Day.

General Introduction B Tuesday Through Saturday, which one Includes Unlimited Trips, it is $ 10. B The old man Citizens, Age 65 And Up, it is $ 3 Except On Friday When The old man day That is free Introduction. B Students, it is $ 10 as well as With Unlimited Trips, With A $ 2 Discount On Tuesday And Thursday. Children Under 2 Find In free. over there Permission to become A $ 2 Fee to the Park, which one It goes to the Of King Firefighters Assistant.

For more details, visit or Fair’s Facebook page, or look for a copy of the “Fair Book” or the 2021 Fair Book catalog.

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