Stonehaven students plant Glover Heritage Garden to ‘delight and delight’ future generations

Mill Forest School students are preparing to plant.

The Mineralwell Park in Stonehaven will be “delightful and magical” for generations to come after 120 cherry blossoms are planted.

Students from Camille of Force, Arduti and Dunnatar Primary Schools join forces with the Stonehaven Sea Cats and the Stonehaven Horizon team to create the garden, in memory of Thomas Blake Glover.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and former United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May met in 2017 to launch the Sakura Cherry Tree Project.

Cllr Agnew planted the 120th and last tree.

Stonehaven was selected as the UK station following a presentation by local MP Andrew Bowie that year and in 2018 followed by “Peach” at the Japanese Embassy.

“Today is the culmination of a four-year plan, including one year for the epidemic,” said Mr Bowie, a Member of Parliament for West Aberdeenshire and Kinkardin.

“Seeing primary school students and community members involved in the project makes all the time and effort worthwhile.

“It is important to expect good results.

Stonehaven Sea Cadets Prepare to plant trees.

“Thomas Blake Glover is a lasting symbol of the Northeast and our friendship with Japan is paramount.

“For years to come, this garden will delight and delight generations who are inquiring about the Glover heritage.”

A.D. Born in 1838, the Scottish Zamora Blake Glover Mitsubishi Corporation and the Japanese Brewery, later born in Fraserberg, later founded the Kirin Brewery.

His achievements inspired the Scottish Zamora Prize, which has been running for more than 25 years.

Arduti primary school students work on trees.

The environmental project, in collaboration with the AberDenshire Council, was led by Stotonhaven and Wendy, a member of the District Council.

“In September 2017, during a visit to Japan by Prime Minister Theresa May, I was struck by the gift of 5,000 cherry blossoms to Britain as an example of the relationship between Japan and the United Kingdom,” she said.

If I could find enough cherry blossoms, I immediately contacted the Aberdeenshire Council landscape services to ask if they would support the creation of a Japanese garden on Stonehaven.

“Landscaping Services was eager to support the project so I decided to ask for 100 trees and I asked Andrew Bowie MP to follow up on my request with the Sakura Cherry Tree Project, which he did and 120 Cherry Flower Trees were assigned to Stonehaven.

“In the meantime, Landscaping Services has agreed with me on a site to come up with a great idea for a design approved by the Sakura Group for the Japanese Association in the United Kingdom.”

He added: “I am grateful to all who have worked with me over the past four years to achieve what I consider to be Stonehaven in northeastern Scotland. The harvest of 2021.

Japan’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Yasumasa Nagamin said the Sakura Cherry Tree Project “will honor the sincere relationship between Japan and the United Kingdom.”

He added, “Like our relationship, I hope these trees grow stronger as they mature and bloom every year, bringing joy to people in the United Kingdom and reminding them of the deep friendship between the two countries and peoples.

The trees chosen for the garden are taihaku, somei yoshino and beni-yutaka, with white, soft pink and bright pink flowers.

The Thaihaku, or ‘great white,’ disappeared in Japan, and came back from England.

The 120 trees being planted at Manuelwell Park are just a few of the 6,500 Japanese cherry trees that have been donated to England by Japan, and are being planted across parks, gardens and schools across the country to honor Japan’s relationship with Britain.

The project aims to showcase Japan’s diverse attractions in the UK from the Japan-UK Cultural Period 2019-2020. The event provided an opportunity to learn more about Japan, its culture and its people through hundreds of events including art, sports, food and performance.

“The response from parks and schools in the UK, south of Guernsey to Orkney in the north, UK, was impressive,” said Kaysaku Sandy Sano, co-founder and co-chairman of the Sakura Cherry Tree Project. . It shows the strong ties between the two countries, and we hope the trees will be a lasting honor for that.

The Duke of Gloucester is the custodian of the Japanese Association.

He said: “To celebrate the long-standing friendship between the people of the United Kingdom and the people of Japan, what could be better than to plant Japanese cherry trees that will delight future generations? I want to congratulate all who participated. ”

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