Strange Horticulture is a magic, plant-based mystery game that will come to PC in 2022

The publisher, Iceberg Interactive, had several indie games to appear on gamescom 2021, and one caught my eye. A mysterious plant-based game in which a strange gardener plays as the owner of a local plant store.

Developed by English-based studio Bad Viking, Strange Horticulture will not be released until early 2022, but a free demo is now available for download for those who want to try it out. If not, the wish list will definitely help developers.

What he says about the garden is not just a funny topic, but an unusual game. Players are tasked with collecting and cataloging powerful plants, influencing the story to unravel the dark secrets of Undermere.

The game is set in Undermere, a small town surrounded by dense forests and barren mountains, developers explain. As a local Horticulture (Aha!) Host, you explore the ground for new plants.

But there is a catch! The environment is not always friendly to a simple herbalist, so you may stumble upon forces beyond your dreams or lose your mind completely. In the meantime, you need to use the contextual clues found in the game to decide where to visit and where to go.

They promise to provide beautiful colorful customers to meet you through your work at the local herbal store until people in bad Viking can quickly get into the mystery that has been uncovered for hundreds of years.

Usually Undermere people come to you for sleeping pills, but each disease has its own cure, so you need to use the in-game encyclopedia to identify the plants you want. Oh, and you can hunt your cat whenever you want.


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