Stress – Permission is required to work on standing trees

When the hurricane clearing begins, Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LFF) Commissioner Mike Strene, DMM, urges residents to hire only licensed patriots to work on storm-damaged trees.

“Everyone who works as a lumberjack in Louisiana must obtain a license from LDF,” he said. Hiring only licensed professional veterans should not only ensure that you, the landlord, and your licensed farmers are properly trained in woodworking, but also responsible liability insurance. I also ask for a written estimate. To pay a reasonable deposit, you must never pay for the work in advance.

“We see a growing number of people going from house to house following the hurricane,” he said. When hiring a veteran to remove hurricane-damaged trees, always ask for their permission and a copy of the arbitrator’s liability insurance certificate.

Under Louisiana and Vegetation Law, no one shall receive, advertise or solicit in a controlled profession or profession unless he or she has the appropriate license, license, or employment. A person with a valid license or permit. All licenses are also required to have their license plate number on all commercial vehicles on which they are advertised.

If you are a veteran of the state, you can apply for a temporary arbitrator license if you have been certified by the International Patriotic Agricultural Association (ISA) or are currently licensed by another state. Temporary patriotic leave is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.

It is not necessary for a person who removes tree debris to cut down and uproot fallen trees.

He said that any work still on a standing tree or part of a tree would require an arbitrator’s permission.

Check out the LDF website at [], Call 225-952-8100 to verify the current license status of the LDF Business App for mobile devices or the farmer.

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