StretchSense names Mike Riley as executive chairman of the board, Chris Comatas as chief operating officer and Charles Pluto

Auckland, New Zealand- (Business WireStretchSense (Sensor Holdings Limited), a leading manufacturer of gloves for virtual environments, has announced important changes to its board of directors and management team. Mike Riley, an experienced business executive, joins the board. Chris Comatas is now the Chief Operating Officer and Charles Plutura is the Chief Marketing Officer. The news was announced today by StretchSense CEO and co-founder Benjamin O’Brien.

Mokap Pro glove industry-leading hand and finger grip solution with advanced fingerprint tracking and hygiene reduction in the gaming and visual effects industry by combining elastic sensor gloves compatible with machine learning software.

Riley comes to the StretchSense board as the company’s commitment to innovation as a driving force in a number of key market sectors, including animation, industry applications and premium gaming glove technology. StretchSense has approximately 60 employees in offices in New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom. The company’s Mokap Pro gloves are now used by gaming studios around the world, including many high-end VFX studios that are building future mega-scale standards.

“At StretchSense, we are building a future for the metadata major,” said O’Brien. “You need an incredible team to do this and Mike, Chris and Chuck bring the experience we need to move from the start of the business to the next stage of development. I look forward to receiving them on board and bringing the game, the visual effects and the virtual reality industry together.

Mike Riley, executive director of StretchSense, is a partner at Cresc Global Management, which provides strategic leadership that has helped many NZ, coastal and global growth-oriented businesses succeed. Riley is an experienced CEO who has delivered practical strategies, unexpected partnerships and dynamic partnerships to organizations and their clients. Prior to his inauguration, he spent four years as the chief executive of the Compact Decorating Equipment, a global leader in the horticulture industry. He has led BBC Technologies on behalf of TOMRA, and Tomran for Compact Sales. He was previously the CEO of LSE AIM: EDA, where he oversaw the transition from supplier to solution provider and tripled his annual income over a five-year period. He led the acquisition of Riley Endes at the Emulex Corporation listed by NYSE. Before coming to New Zealand, he was a Boston-based network engine engineer (NASDAQ: NENG) CMO. Riley currently holds board positions at Red Shield Safety, Fremed Holdings, Pingar and New Zealand Frost fans. He has been a frequent participant in the litigation for New Zealand High Technology Awards, Export Rewards and Opportunity Awards for Technical Que Limited.

“I am delighted to be joining StretchSense at this crucial time in the evolution of the product line and the market,” Riley said. “StretchSense has real-time access to real-time activity information and is imagining the future of interacting with one virtual environment, and that’s exciting. We have a team of veterans who are committed to this ingenuity and innovation, so there really is no limit to what StretchSense can achieve. I am happy to bring my experience and problem solving to this dynamic company. ”

Chris Comatas’ new career at COO includes executive positions in high-growth and high-tech companies and leading organizational growth in NZ, USA and UK. In Vice Presidents of Product Management and Marketing and VP Global Operations from Compass, VP Operations Andas, Service Provider Marketing Director of Tine Networks USA and Erickson, Komatas has developed innovative strategic plans, strategically securing enterprises and leading strategic partnerships, new market opportunities and opportunities. Protected.

“I am delighted to be joining the StretchSense team to meet the growing demand for our customers to invest in high-performance video content,” says Comatas. With our ability to monitor hand-to-hand differences, we work closely with our clients to open up new levels of innovation and virtual interaction in virtual environments.

With MBA and law degrees, the new CMO Charles “Chuk” Plutura was an entrepreneur with a wide range of interests throughout New Zealand. His eight-year tenure at Sage Group, an international provider of business management solutions for small and medium-sized companies, includes seven years as head of market development for Australia, N and the Pacific region. He then became the CEO of XM Development, which created Saj Ecomers, an international company focused solely on the development of e-commerce and payment processing solutions. In recent years, he has dominated several successful startups, including Foodcraft, as a market leader in NZ, Prodermal Partnership, NZ Ecommerce Skin Care Company, and the growing premium food tourism sector in NZ.

“My marketing and business philosophy is not born of theory or best practice literature,” says Plutura. I bring real and practical marketing knowledge from real international corporate experience that I know will help StretchSense achieve the next organizational goals.

About StretchSense StretchSense (Sensor Holdings Limited) is the creator of Mokap Pro Gloves. The industry-leading hand and finger motion recording solution combines advanced fingerprint tracking and extended sensor gloves with machine learning software to reduce post-production hygiene.

Our commitment to innovation has put us in the driving force of many key technology sectors, including gaming studios, visual effects, and virtual reality technology. Founded in 2012 by Todd Gibby and Benjamin O’Brien, and Ian Anderson, associate professor of bioengineering, StretchSense has approximately 60 employees in offices in New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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