Students and teachers respond to the new Raven Real Estate Center

BROOKINGS, SD (KELO) – The Raven Real Estate Center is open to students in classrooms, laboratories and South Dakota State University.

The building combines the Department of Agriculture and Bios Systems Engineering and the Department of Agriculture, Horticulture and Plant Sciences, and technology experts with soil and plant specialists.

Both students and teachers are thrilled to be able to use this new space.

Students will finally get their first look at this $ 55 million building.

“It was really exciting to see what happened and how it all came together. It’s great to see all the places we have for clubs, the classroom and the new classrooms.

“It’s very easy to move from room to room, and it’s easy for all your classmates to come together and work on projects,” says Molly Rick, a senior AG engineering student.

At every new location in the facility, students will be able to connect and coordinate with a variety of major students.

Carson Kahler said: “To be able to get in here, we have our special places to work on our individual products, but to interact with everyone in the ag industry and plant science and agricultural research, is really a great building. , Senior AST Student.

And it’s a significant improvement over some of the older buildings on the campus.

“Once students come in and see this building, they will be very excited,” said the assistant director of agronomy, horticulture and plant science. We are at the forefront of technology in this really beautiful building.

In some classrooms, teachers can even bring great tools to give students experience.

“If you are working with a device, we need the experience to operate the device, that knowledge is on knowledge, students learn a lot with their hands instead of reading the book hard,” said Ni Uyle, a real ag teacher.

“The agricultural industry is expanding rapidly with technology, and it’s incredible to be able to find that space to live on,” Kahller said.

As students enter the semester, they begin to have more labs and more experience in equipment and technology. They now have a place to do more on campus events and bring speakers to the building.

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