Students reflect on the first week of school

Lessons are back to face masks, students live in halls again, students play sports on the south floor and are alive again around the campus. This harvest semester is back to normal.

Like most semesters, in the course of the course, students are eagerly awaited, but they also have goals in mind.

Shane and Ralston, Junior Communications CEO, are already enjoying themselves on campus first semester.

“Personally, I want to be academically successful, and I think it’s a universal goal,” said Ralston. “I hope everyone gets vaccinated and that we can return to normalcy in the community,” he said.

Physical recovery is Ralston’s choice, but it comes with its own set of anxieties.

“The pressures of life can be a challenge, especially on campus at such a large university,” says Ralston.

While some students’ concerns about COVID-19 are mild, Ralston still thinks it could affect her college experience.

“It can be very difficult for me to reach people and make connections and work my way around the campus,” says Ralston. In fact, I wish everyone had the vaccine. So we can go back to a normal situation and get regular campus activities, habits and lifestyle in general.

Despite all the worries, anxieties and fears of illness, students seem ready to deal with them and look forward to this semester.

Highlight Fruit Growers, a major altruist, agrees with Relston on the COVID threat, and is looking forward to returning to campus.

Flowers are a little hesitant about returning in person, but they say they are “hopeful” that this semester will go well.

“I feel like a campus again,” Flowers said. “Things Will Go Well”

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