Sturges wins Agricultural Award at Virginia Bureau of Agriculture – Shore Daily News

Kyle Sturgis

Northampton County Kyle Sturgis has been named the Agricultural Award winner for this year’s Virginia Agricultural Bureau Federation. The VFBF Youth Farmers’ Summer Exhibition was recognized on July 31 in Fukuyer County.

The Excellence in Agriculture Award recognizes individuals who have participated and participated in agriculture, leadership skills, and the Office of Agriculture and other organizations.

Sturgis is the fifth-generation farmer and manager of Shore Brex farms in Cape Charles, which oversees the hydroponic greenhouse facility, agricultural operations and the agricultural market. The family also owns soybeans, corn, sorghum, wheat and vegetables at Tri-S Farms Inc. They also produce clams and oysters for C&S seafood.

Before the global epidemic, Shore Brez filled orders for restaurants, schools, farmers’ markets, and other retailers.

“Since many of our sales were for restaurants, we had to rebuild the wheel,” Sturgis said.

In his presentation to the judges, Sturgis explained how he reached out to the public through his online store, where he bought salad sets containing ingredients such as croutons, pumpkin, radish and tomatoes.

Since we were limited by the epidemic last year, their farming and oak farms have created their own “patch” in school halls by donating pumpkins to Kiptopeke and Ochokonok Elementary Schools.

The new entrepreneurs are met with positive community feedback, Sturges said.

He and his new VFBF young farmer, Austin McNeet, talk about the newly launched Virginia Young Farmers Podcast, which discusses farming and farming, and will welcome entries on topics ranging from climate to finance and family.

Sturgis is the current chair of the VFBF Youth Farmers Committee and the current chair of the VFBF Aquaculture Advisory Committee and serves on the organization’s legislative and national affairs committees. He is one of seven delegates from Virginia to formulate policies necessary for the industry in the 2021 US Federation Bureau Virtual Convention. He also competed in the last VFBF Youth Farmers’ Forum.

He is the Regional Director for the Virginia Soybeans Association and holds the position of Director of the East Shore Soil and Water Conservation District.

Sturgis holds a bachelor’s degree in horticulture and environmental sciences from Ferrem College.

As the winner of the Excellence in Agriculture Award, Sturgis will receive a package of vehicles and travel packages from the Virginia Bureau of Insurance Services for the AFBF Annual Convention in Atlanta in January 2021. At the event, the AFBF will compete for an agricultural award for the release of young farmers and farmers.

Rachel Henley Goochland County is running for the VFBF Award and will receive $ 500 and a travel package for the FFF Conference. There were other finalists Ivan and Casey Davis Buckingham County and Savior Johnson Pittswana County. Each finalist will receive $ 500 from the VFBF Young Farmers Committee.


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