Submission to focus on pest abuse in Lake Hernes Catchment

The NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted an extensive inspection this June targeting the use of pesticides on horticultural farms near Lake Hermes Catching Area near Coffees Harbor.

The purpose of the EPA is to ensure that local growers use pesticides correctly to prevent pest loss and its impact on local waterways and aquatic life.

EPA Director of Control Steve Orr said it is important for producers to use pesticides responsibly to keep the environment healthy.

“Our officers focus on pesticide use, storage, record keeping and wastewater treatment. Anyone found misusing pesticides can be prosecuted,” Mr Orr said.

EPA will present at a meeting of the local Berry Growers’ Cooperative at the Oz Group Cop in July and will work with industry groups to educate farmers on their obligations and compliance when using pesticides.

In December last year, nine fruit and vegetable properties in the basin were tested after pesticides were found in samples taken from local water sources.

Following these inspections, two manufacturers were fined $ 8,250 each for using contaminated water treatment plants and using pesticides contrary to the label.

Both gardeners have been given two official warnings for non-compliance with pest control and training requirements.

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